Inuyasha vs Virgo Shaka

Inuyasha is a skilled sword fighter, but can he take on a cosmic powered being like Virgo Shaka? Virgo Shaka can eradicate entire planets from the face of the Galaxy with minimal effort. This is not something that should be taken lightly, but neither should Inuyasha’s speed. Inuyasha can deal a lot of damage to Virgo Shaka if he can get close to him. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he’ll get the chance. Virgo Shaka wins.

Inuyasha vs Cloud

Inuyasha is back, but now he’s up against the mighty Cloud! Cloud is a very impressive swordsman and he knows how to limit break. Inuyasha has some impressive abilities as well, but I’d say that Cloud is easily faster and their power levels are similar. The speed is definitely a deciding factor and Cloud should take this with his epic limit attack. Cloud wins.

Inuyasha vs Zero

Inuyasha has some pretty serious sword skills and he has the powers of a Yokai. His speed would usually help him prevail against other swordsmen, but not against Zero. Zero has amazing speed and his sword skills can definitely keep up with Inuyasha’s. Inuyasha takes a loss with this round, but he’ll be back. Zero wins.

Sesshomaru vs Inuyasha

inuyasha vs sesshomaru sd
This is a pretty big battle and one that would be decently close. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are both pretty powerful swordsmen and they have a range of abilities. Sesshomaru has the advantage in that area thanks to his teleportation and telekinesis, but Inuyasha has some abilities of his own. His swords can destroy dozens of enemies in a single shot, but Sesshomaru can match that feat as well. Sesshomaru just seems to be the stronger fighter, but Inuyasha is not to be underestimated. He will be back to fight again soon. Sesshomaru wins.

Inuyasha vs Link

Inuyasha is back and he’s up against Link! Link is a pretty skilled warrior and in pure swordplay, he can maybe outshine Inuyasha. Still, Inuyasha has some pretty intense speed and strength, his regeneration can also help a great deal. Link may have lost this round, but he will be back. Inuyasha wins.

Inuyasha vs Bass

Inuyasha is back, but now he’s up against the King of the Blog! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and while Inuyasha has some good sword techniques, he wouldn’t last a second against Bass. Bass’s speed and power are leagues above anything Inuyasha can dish out. Bass wins.

Saint Dane vs Inuyasha

Inuyasha makes his blog debut with this match and it’s about time! Inuyasha wins this round pretty easily thanks to his speed and slashing power. Saint Dane takes a heavy loss and sinks down the blog ladder. Inuyasha will be back to fight again very soon! Inuyasha wins.