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Inuyasha vs Cloud

Inuyasha is back, but now he’s up against the mighty Cloud! Cloud is a very impressive swordsman and he knows how to limit break. Inuyasha has some impressive abilities as well, but I’d say that Cloud is easily faster and their power levels are similar. The speed is definitely a deciding factor and Cloud should take this with his epic limit attack. Cloud wins.

4 thoughts on “Inuyasha vs Cloud”

  1. fair logic except for the fact id like to see cloud survive a meido zangetsuha. then again ive never seen cloud in action. hmmm. interesting indeed, lets try this on death battles

    1. The question is, would Cloud need to survive the attack? Cloud’s speed is very impressive after all. Well Death Battle is fun to watch, but not always the most accurate representation…

      1. This was a pretty popular match. You’re welcome. Could these two be in the next Tournament Smashers? What do you think of the new Super Smash Bros?

      2. Yeah, the match was epic! Well, it’s possible, but there won’t be a Tournament Smashers for a while. Have you heard about the 12000th post? It will be posted within a few days and the blog will take a small break after that. The new Super Smash Bros is definitely awesome! Too bad about the story mode though.

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