Greninja vs Galactus

Suggested by Destroyer Now this one gets pretty interesting. Galactus is massively huge and has a ton of power so you don’t want to underestimate that. That being said, he is up against Greninja who thanks to the anime has even gotten a few super forms. Galactus would not be able to keep up with Greninja’s speed at all and that will hurt him a bit. Additionally, Greninja’s attacks are powerful enough where they will hurt Galactus. It will be a battle of attrition but one where Greninja will come out on top. Greninja wins.

Mata Nui vs Galactus

Mata Nui has made his debut! He is touted as one of the strongest Bionicle fighters and he is quite large, but I don’t think that he is ready for the likes of Galactus. Even if you are a little skeptical of some of Galactus’ high end feats, he has shown us through and through that he is a power hitter. He is physically superior to Mata Nui and he would also win in a long range battle thanks to his incredibly powerful force blasts. I don’t see Mata Nui lasting long here. Galactus wins.

Larry Appleton vs Galactus

Larry Appleton returns, but he won’t fare much better this time as he goes up against one of Marvel’s tougher fighters. Galactus has defeated many opponents in his day and a good amount of them were stronger than Larry. Larry doesn’t have any energy blast reflectors so one good blast from Galactus should be enough to end things once and for all. I guess that means it is game over for him. Galactus wins.

Binky vs Galactus

This may seem like a really big blowout and I have to admit that the fight isn’t very close. It didn’t even take me a whole second to decide who would win such a bout. Binky is a tough fighter, but he is just a kid. Galactus has taken down whole worlds in the past and a single energy blast would be able to defeat Binky once and for all. Galactus wins.

Hunter Steele vs Galactus

Hunter Steele seems to be a cool guy, but he’s completely outclassed in this round. I just don’t see him standing up to someone as powerful as Galactus. One blast from Galactus would take Hunter Steele down. Hunter Steele isn’t quick enough to dodge such a blast and he definitely can’t endure it. Defeating Galactus before he can fire the blast is also out of the question. Galactus wins.

Thor vs Galactus

Thor vs Galactus
Galactus is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters, but not even he can take down Thor. Galactus has the size advantage, which is good for his attacks, but it’s really bad for mobility. Thor can use a hit and run strategy to quickly wear Galactus down, but that’s not the way that he fights. Thor will likely charge in and overpower Galactus in a straight fight. Thor’s speed shouldn’t be underestimated and he can definitely dodge Galactus’ attacks. Thor takes a solid victory with this round! Thor wins.

Green Goblin vs Galactus

Green Goblin has a lot of pumpkin bombs at the ready and he doesn’t have a big weakness. Galactus has some pretty solid attacks and he could end the planet. Green Goblin won’t be able to evade Galactus for long and he doesn’t really have any attacks that can damage him. Galactus rises up the ranks with this win. Galactus wins.

In Betweener vs Galactus

The In Betweener is a very powerful cosmic being, but he can’t stop a being as powerful as Galactus. Galactus is one of the most feared beings in Marvel and he’s kept such a prestigious reputation since his first appearance many years ago. The In Betweener won’t be able to endure Galactus’ immensely powerful energy blasts for very long. Galactus wins.

Trigon vs Galactus

These two are both pretty powerful creatures who can end whole planets! Galactus is far better known and he’s almost a household name. Trigon has a lot of potential in the New 52, but at the moment, I don’t think that he could defeat Galactus. Galactus is just too powerful and he has the feats to back it up. His energy projection abilities are far superior to Trigon’s, which definitely gives him an edge. Galactus wins.

Galactus vs Thing

ff 173 thing vs galactus
The Thing is pretty powerful, but he’s definitely not in the same league as Galactus. Galactus just needs to fire one energy blast and the round is over. The Thing was definitely out of his league from the very start. It’s been a while since Galactus took a win, so his fans will definitely be pleased. Galactus wins.