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Mata Nui vs Galactus

Mata Nui has made his debut! He is touted as one of the strongest Bionicle fighters and he is quite large, but I don’t think that he is ready for the likes of Galactus. Even if you are a little skeptical of some of Galactus’ high end feats, he has shown us through and through that he is a power hitter. He is physically superior to Mata Nui and he would also win in a long range battle thanks to his incredibly powerful force blasts. I don’t see Mata Nui lasting long here. Galactus wins.

8 thoughts on “Mata Nui vs Galactus”

  1. Thank you very much for that! I have two other idea of fight. I hope i do not bother you with my fighting ideas. Mata Nui vs Ego the living planet and Teridax vs Thor please.

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