Greninja vs Galactus

Suggested by Destroyer Now this one gets pretty interesting. Galactus is massively huge and has a ton of power so you don’t want to underestimate that. That being said, he is up against Greninja who thanks to the anime has even gotten a few super forms. Galactus would not be able to keep up with Greninja’s speed at all and that will hurt him a bit. Additionally, Greninja’s attacks are powerful enough where they will hurt Galactus. It will be a battle of attrition but one where Greninja will come out on top. Greninja wins.

6 thoughts on “Greninja vs Galactus

  1. I just have to ask, how can Greninja possibly significantly hurt or speedblitz Galactus? On the damage front even when weakened by hunger, Galactus can survive the full force of two planets colliding right onto him, and no sell combined attacks from the Avengers. And normal galactus doesn’t even feel punches from the Thing, no sells Mjolnir hits, and generally just takes hits from a whole legion of heroes with pretty much zero problem. Even if we take the strongest version of Greninja, how is he supposed to compete with that? And hell that’s not even all, with his shields also preventing Thor from getting through. He doesn’t even have to take damage himself, his shields can do it for him.

    And speed wise? The guy can easily travel many, many light years with unimaginable speed. What does Greninja have that can compete with that? And with Galactus being able to super size himself to ridiculous levels? I don’t think he really needs to dodge Greninja.

    This isn’t even getting into his other abilities, with his energy attacks oneshotting people like Silver Surfer and a Celestial, manipulating matter like when he turned someone into a worm and then into energy, or his teleportation known to be able to remove people from the battlefield, essentially netting him a win instantly.

    I’m really curious as to what you believe Greninja has that can compete with that, even with the strongest version of him or a composite Greninja. Because Galactus seems to just be so immensely powerful that I don’t think Greninja can really even hurt him or even really be noticed until the end.

    • I’d say it really comes down to Greninja’s attack power. In his Ash mode he was able to take on other Mega level Pokemon. Additionally his speed was so great that it was hard to track his movements. Galactus has FTL travel speed, but in terms of combat he’s really slow. I think he would have a really hard time keeping up here and while his durability is on point, it’ll also end up failing him when it counts. Meanwhile it’s hard to see Galactus being able to strike fast enough to land any solid hits here and that’s really going to come back to bite him

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