Thor vs Galactus

Thor vs Galactus
Galactus is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters, but not even he can take down Thor. Galactus has the size advantage, which is good for his attacks, but it’s really bad for mobility. Thor can use a hit and run strategy to quickly wear Galactus down, but that’s not the way that he fights. Thor will likely charge in and overpower Galactus in a straight fight. Thor’s speed shouldn’t be underestimated and he can definitely dodge Galactus’ attacks. Thor takes a solid victory with this round! Thor wins.

16 thoughts on “Thor vs Galactus

  1. Galactus can eat planets whole, no leftovers. He could just absorb Earth, and Thor with it. If Thor was Asgard, he would have to come sometime. Remember the last episode of Lego Marvel Superheroes? *Spoiler
    It took all the Superheroes and Villans to beat him and shield stated that he could swallow galaxies, even. I don’t no a lot about Galactus and he isn’t my favorite character, but show me scans with Thor beating him and i’ll go for it.

    • Well, Thor got some good hits in this episode!

      Galactus is definitely very powerful and it usually takes many fighters to defeat him, but I just don’t think that he’s a match for Thor. He is huge, but Thor can basically match him in power and he is superior in speed. Thor and Galactus have had some pretty great fights over the years.

      • I’m okay with that! Just wanted to see some scans. Seemed kind of weird that Thor could beat a guy who is rumored to absord galaxies πŸ˜„ but now I see that the Pride of Asgard could win.

      • True, Galactus definitely has an excellent reputation. They’re both extremely formidable and it would be one of the better Marvel fights. In the comics, they are apparently going to go at it once again. Hopefully we get some epic visuals like in their last fight!

      • Man, you haven’t changed a bit, always rooting for the underdog, even when the latter is outmatched in every way possible and doesn’t have a prayer of a chance :-P. This case is the same as there is no chance that thor will beat galactus……. like at all. That scan you provided is not legit because only the comics are canon in the marvel universe (like how only the games are considered canon in the sonic universe) and that is just a battle excerpt, which is crucial when you’re talking about a being like galactus because…. ” Galactus requires unknown energies obtainable only from a certain type of planets in order to sustain his life. The suitable type of planet need not to be one where life is present, but it must have the potential to support life. When recently sated Galactus is incredibly powerful; however, the longer he goes without feeding the more his strength, power, and cosmic awareness wane. Indeed, over one month after consuming a suitable planet his power will have already been reduced exponentially, although in such a hungered state his powers are still far beyond mortal comprehension. In recent times Galactus has been known to go without feeding for numerous months at a time bringing him to the BRINK OF DEATH and REDUCING HIS POWER to such a degree that superhuman teams such as the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four etc. can defeat him.[17] When he first emerged from his cocoon, Galactus could go without feeding for over century before his hunger weakened him to a significant degree. Why the intervals between his feedings has decreased over the millenia is unknown” The longer he doesn’t eat the weaker he gets and it is only in his weakest moment can he be hurt by the likes of thor, and in the comics the time he actually got defeated by the avengers he was about to die, HE WAS SO HUNGRY HE WOULD HAVE DIED RIGHT THERE IF REED WOULDN’T HAVE USED THOR’S MAGIC TO GIVE HIM A TINY BIT OF ENERGY, MOST OF THOR’S ENERGY=BARELY ENERGIZED GLACTUS STILL CLOSE TO DEATH. Not to mention Thor is only on the level of silver surfer, both bringing each other to their knees and “Thor also has energy manipulation powers that are on par with the Silver Surfer”, that’s from his wikia, galactus has swatted silver surfer away so thor’s small size and mobility won’t matter here, and that was his only advantage. Also in comics a WEAKEND Galactus actually took on Odin and both made the other pass out in recent comics, during the Asgardian invasion. Odin=Galactus and silver surfer=thor, so unless this is a starving galactus, the big G takes this.

      • Well, this is a composite match. Still, we can hypothetically debate their comic versions. Either way, Thor comes out on top 😎

        Silver Surfer and Thor are typically portrayed to be about equal in power. Does this give Galactus the edge? Galactus is powerful, but he’s also very large and not extremely fast. Thor can use hit and run tactics to drain away at his health or just launch in and use fast melee attacks. Thor did have his Rune King form and let’s not forget when he got the Odin Force. He’s actually battling Galactus in the current comics! When Thor is at his best, this is definitely a pretty close battle. Thor has pulled off some incredible feats with the Odinforce and he has been shown to wipe enemies out of existence with a thought. He may not be able to do that against Galactus, but he’s still got Mjolnir at his side. I believe that the repeated attacks from Thor would eventually defeat Galactus

  2. The result is realistic! Thor is one of the few heroes that could take him down for the count. The video footage that you shared was rather conclusive. How about Thor vs Bravenwolf?

  3. The only versions of Thor that can win this fight are Necro King Thor(who blitzed and won in comics against Galactus, look it up, it’s true), and MAYBE Rune King Thor(it is debatable), but all others get stomped. King Thor would go down with a hell of a fight, but Classic, Current, Ultimate, and Masterson Thor get stomped. Heck if Odin and King Thor cannot beat galactus, Classic and below get ROFLMFAOGODSTOMPED

    • Hm, Classic could still make it an epic fight and we can’t forget how well he did in the Fantastic Four show. Of course, the strongest version of Thor does take the win so I suppose that that is what counts =)

  4. For the record, any version of Thor has never shown the ability to wipe enemies out of existence, you might be confusing this feat with Classic Thor’s time manipulation.

    • Thor basically did something like that to Mangog. It was after he got the Rune powers or the Odinforce. He may have just warped him away, but it was a complete victory.

  5. I see people here saying Galactus eats planets, but it takes him a while to eat planets, correct? Thor can punch entire planets and destroy them instantly. Show me a scan of Galactus doing that and then we’ll talk. Until then, Thor should stomp.

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