Raiden vs Raiden (MK)

This is a pretty good battle between these two Raidens. Raiden (MK) is an expert martial artist and his thunder abilities are very lethal. He also has some regen abilities at his disposal along with teleportation. Raiden has the solid speed advantage and his durability should be able to stand up against the thunder. Not to mention that he can channel electricity into his attacks making them stronger. I think that Raiden’s experience in the field and his heightened durability should help him win this battle. Raiden wins.

4 thoughts on “Raiden vs Raiden (MK)

    • Hmmm, I’m just not sure if his thunder is quite powerful enough to take Raiden out once he finally connects, otherwise, Raiden (MG) and his quick attacks will start to overwhelm the god.

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