Nathan Drake vs Thel Vadam

Suggested by Sonic Nathan Drake is a pretty good explorer and is no stranger to a good fight. He’s not afraid to take out a gun or a sword and just go in against his enemy. That won’t work against a trained professional like Thel though. Thel has the superior tech on his side like his iconic energy sword. He can slice through anything Drake throws at him and a single clean slash will mark the end of this match. Thel Vadam wins.

Nathan Drake vs Joel

Nathan Drake has a gun at his disposal, but Joel can match him in that area. Unfortunately for Joel, Nathan has the better weapons. Playstation All Stars made sure of that! Joel will lose this battle, but it is very close and it could go either way. These two are pretty evenly matched! Nathan Drake wins.

Nathan Drake vs Raiden

Nathan Drake is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t be winning this round either. Raiden’s speed is even greater than Ezio’s and his striking power is lethal. If Raiden lands a solid hit on Nathan Drake then the match is over. Nathan won’t be able to endure such a powerful attack. Raiden wins.

Nathan Drake vs Ezio

Nathan Drake is a pretty tough guy and he’s a pretty decent hand to hand fighter as well. Still, Ezio has better weapons at his disposal and his speed should provide him a decent edge. Nathan can throw some good punches, but Ezio’s armor should help him to endure them. Nathan Drake may have lost his debut match on the blog, but he’ll be back. Ezio wins.