Ryu Hayabusa vs Yoshimitsu

Both of these fighters are very skilled with a sword. I dare say that Yoshimitsu has the superior blade, but Ryu is better when it comes to combat. His regeneration will allow him to endure many of Yoshimitsu’s blows before Ryu deals the final strike. Both of these fighters can typically unleash a fatal attack in an instant, but the regeneration gives Ryu the edge. I’d also say that Ryu is faster, but Yoshimitsu makes it close since he can teleport. After a hard fought battle; Ryu would be able to strike Yoshimitsu down for the win. Ryu Hayabusa wins.

Ryu Hayabusa vs Bass

Ryu Hayabusa is a skilled fighter, but there is no fighter more skilled than Bass! Bass could beat him in an instant with his legendary speed and power! Bass just doesn’t lose! Ryu Hayabusa may be back, but he took a serious hit to his rank with this match. Bass will also be back as per usual. Bass wins.

Ryu Hayabusa vs Raiden

Raiden is a character of pretty good speed and power. Once he became a cyborg he could also shoot electricity. Of course Ryu Hayabusa’s still a much faster fighter. Let’s not forget that he has a lot of attacks including Fire wheels, Lightning, Infernos, and a lot of other stuff. Ryu Hayabusa wins.