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Gourry vs Lina Inverse

Gourry may have jumped to a 2-0 start, but now it’s time for him to take a loss. Lina Inverse has proven time and time again that she is the stronger warrior from the two of them. Her magical spells have a lot of destructive power behind them and Gourry’s Sword of Light can only keep him safe for so long. Gourry is tough to be sure, but he’s only human and his physical stats aren’t great. Lina Inverse wins.

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Gourry vs One Above All

Gourry is back and now he’s up against the One Above All. Now, this is a match that I think everyone can agree on assuming that you consider the One Above All to be a malicious entity. The Sword of Light destroys all evil so a single hit would easily crush the One Above All. Case closed am I right!? Gourry wins.

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Gourry vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is back once again and he’s up against a legendary swordsman of light. “Light come forth!” is Gourry’s epic catchphrase and it never gets old. He’s a bit of an intriguing character since he definitely has many likable moments while also making you wish that he would go away at other times. It’s just how it goes I suppose and his agility should give him the edge that he needed. Gourry wins.