Gourry vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is back once again and he’s up against a legendary swordsman of light. “Light come forth!” is Gourry’s epic catchphrase and it never gets old. He’s a bit of an intriguing character since he definitely has many likable moments while also making you wish that he would go away at other times. It’s just how it goes I suppose and his agility should give him the edge that he needed. Gourry wins.


2 thoughts on “Gourry vs Captain Kirk

  1. Not only does Kirk have Super-speed from scalosian water, and a force field around is body from the Animated Series, but he is a fantastic sword fighter, as seen in “Bread and Circuses.”

    • True, but Gourry’s sword skills would still surpass his and the Sword of Light is incredibly powerful. Its strikes hit over a large area and even with Captain Kirk’s speed, he would find it very difficult to dodge. Gourry has a degree of speed impossible for a normal human as well, which will help mitigate the speed difference.

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