Shulk vs Samus

Suggested by Sonic Samus is definitely a fighter who will give Shulk more of a fight than the last two. Her armor can withstand a lot of damage and Samus can also move at very high speeds. Her array of weapons will keep Shulk busy, but ultimately it will be hard to tag him. Not only does he also have super speed, but his pre-cog will also help him in trying to dodge her attacks. Samus is powerful, but ultimately I don’t think she is quite in the same league as Shulk. She can give him a solid fight, but once he gets serious it’ll all be over. Shulk wins.

Shulk vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Whenever Shulk says “This is the Monado’s Power!” you start to wonder how strong the blade is. Well, people who have played Xenoblade Chronicles will let you know that it isn’t a normal sword. By the end of the game Shulk effectively has godlike power and Snake is ultimately just a guy with a lot of explosives. Just think about it, which character would you pick to win in such a confrontation? Shulk wins.

Shulk vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Sonic A Polar Bear is a pretty powerful animal. They don’t really put up with any disrespect from other creatures and this one even knows how to rock some style points into his attire. That being said, it will all be futile against a man of Shulk’s ability. Shulk can see into the future and his abilities with a sword are unmatched. He’ll win this in an instant. Shulk wins.

Sonic vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Shulk can see the future and he has some pretty good sword techniques. He’ll definitely give Sonic a run for his money. That being said, Sonic’s fast enough to dodge all of his counter attacks and still land his share of blows. I think the difference in ability here is going to be way too vast for Shulk to do much. Once Sonic goes super he just will be too fast for Shulk to even think of landing a hit. Sonic wins.

Lucina vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Shulk and Lucina are both talented sword fighters, but the big difference here is that Shulk obtained almost infinite abilities by the end of Xenoblade Chronicles. Between his foresight and enhanced abilities it would be hard for Lucina to really do much of anything in this fight. She will simply be outsped and will have to focus all here time on defense before eventually being defeated. Shulk wins.

Incineroar vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar has returned to grace us with his presence once more. He has a good amount of attack power and speed so he is always able to give his opponent a good fight. That being said, I definitely think Shulk would have the edge here. In his final forms he is a considerable threat to gods and being able to see the future is always handy. Simply put, he can move faster than Incineroar and his attacks will deal massive damage. Incineroar won’t be able to stand up to that for long. Shulk wins.

Natsu vs Shulk

Shulk has the Monado’s Power at his side, but that won’t be enough to stop Natsu. Even if Shulk knows what Natsu is going to do, he will not be able to dodge the onslaught of attacks. Natsu’s speed is incredible and not even Shulk’s speed mode will end up being a match for it. Natsu may have a tough time trying to break the Monado, but he will be able to take it away from Shulk and end the fight. Natsu wins.

Shulk vs Dark Link

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Shulk is a powerful fighter and I would argue that his sword may even be a little more impressive than the Master Sword. It’s close though since I liked it a lot in Skyward Sword. Shulk would put up a really tough fight, but I do think that Dark Link would have the edge. His abilities are essentially equal to Link’s and his destructive power is on a tier that is above Shulk’s. It’ll be a close match, but it’s not one that Shulk will win. Dark Link wins.

Shulk vs Riki

unnamed (1)
Riki is a pretty talented fighter, but his fighting techniques aren’t quite as practical as Shulk’s. Shulk uses his sword to take down his opponents the old fashioned way. It may not be that fancy, but it gets the job done. Riki has a lot of different magic abilities, but none of them are particularly impressive. Shulk wins.

Shulk vs Marth

Marth is a good swordsman, but I think it’s safe to say that he’s a little outmatched here. Shulk’s sword techniques are out of this world and his pre cog abilities can definitely give him a bit of an edge. Marth may be able to keep up with Shulk’s speed, but he’ll need a better sword if he really wants to win this round. Shulk wins.