Shulk vs Luigi

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Luigi is a plumber who is known across the planet, but that still doesn’t mean that he’s ready to take on Shulk. Shulk is an experienced swordfighter and a few good slashes should win him the match. He has the edge over Luigi in speed and in technique. This victory should rise him up even more through the blog’s ranks. Shulk wins.

Shulk vs Villager

Shulk Villager
The Villager was definitely a shocking addition to the Super Smash roster, but I can’t say that I really care for his moveset so far. I’m sure that it’ll be a lot better on the Wii U version of course, but Shulk definitely has the massive advantage here. His energy sword works on any console and he has experience on his side. A few good hits should knock the Villager out of the runnings here. Shulk wins.

Shulk vs James Bond

Shulk is always ready for another win and now he is going up against James Bond! Bond shouldn’t be underestimated I suppose, but there really isn’t much that he can do against Shulk. Shulk will easily dodge all of Bond’s weapons as he goes in for the win. Shulk definitely had a pretty good blog day today! Shulk wins.

Shulk vs Bass

Bass is the strongest blog fighter out there and I have to keep on reminding the world about this. His speed is legendary and his Get Ability assures victory. Counting him out would not be wise. Shulk is a tough fighter to be sure, but he is just outmatched here. He wouldnt be able to follow Bass’ movements. His Pre Cog also wouldnt help much in this case since he wouldnt be fast enough to dodge anyway. Bass wins.

Shulk vs One Above All

Shulk is back and it is never too late to bounce back from a win with another win! The One Above All may be powerful, but he is no match for Shulk at this point. A quick slash should be all that Shulk needs to secure this victory. He is doing well so far, but can it last? Sooner or later he is bound to meet up with a certain blog fighter! Shulk wins.

Captain Falcon vs Shulk

Captain Falcon Shulk
Captain Falcon has definitely been fighting a lot on the blog lately, but this has its ups and downs. The more that he fights, the more chance that the Captain has of being defeated! Shulk is a powerful new addition to the blog and his sword techniques will prove to be deadly. His pre cog also gives him an edge in this bout. Shulk wins.