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Shulk vs One Above All

Shulk is back and it is never too late to bounce back from a win with another win! The One Above All may be powerful, but he is no match for Shulk at this point. A quick slash should be all that Shulk needs to secure this victory. He is doing well so far, but can it last? Sooner or later he is bound to meet up with a certain blog fighter! Shulk wins.

6 thoughts on “Shulk vs One Above All”

  1. this is what i hear from your mean mouth “Derp de derp shulk whins because he is shulk and shulk is above god cause shulk has shulkpotence derp de derp” Forget YOU YOU mean overhyping meanie YOU DON”T DESERVE TO blog LET ALONE debate so DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND stop blogging you mean meanie!

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