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Terry Bogard vs Captain Falcon

Suggested by Sonic Captain Falcon is definitely a powerful fighter and he’s a really solid matchup for Terry. Both of them have similar fighting styles and abilities so this will all come down to who has more skill. I’ve got to give that to Terry. Captain Falcon has had some great showings thanks to Super Smash Bros and F-Zero GX, but it’s hard to compare that to Terry who has been in over 10 games with a lot of great feats to show for it. He has more stamina and will land hits more consistently. Terry Bogard wins.

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Molly Wright vs Captain Falcon

Molly Wright has returned, but she has met her match against the Captain. Captain Falcon is a very skilled fighter who has a solid amount of both strength and speed. It’ll be difficult for Molly to keep up with him at all and he can definitely dodge her gun shots. Once he gets in range Captain Falcon has so many different attack options that Molly will have a difficult time trying to keep up with any of them. She is simply outmatched here. Captain Falcon wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Toppo

Captain Falcon is back very quickly after his last round, but I’m afraid that it won’t mean much against an opponent as skilled as Toppo. Toppo completely outranks Captain Falcon in every stat and you have to consider the fact that he’s also better at hand to hand combat. Mix that together and it’s hard to see him losing at all. It would take a miracle to stop Toppo from ending this in a single hit. Toppo wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Amber Bailey

Amber Bailey is a pretty reasonable fighter. You don’t want to mess with her Katana Sword. One good slash can deal some massive damage but Captain Falcon has been known to deflect such hits with his fists. I don’t think he will have any trouble stopping Amber in her tracks. Once you take away her sword then Amber’s chances of winning drop to around 0%. At that point it’s all over for her. Captain Falcon wins.

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Falco vs Captain Falcon

Suggested by Sonic Captain Falcon is a very fast, but hard hitting fighter whose hand to hand skills are on point. In a straight fight he would very quickly take Falco down for the count. However, Falco has his gun and ships to tip the scales here. The Blue Falcon is quite fast, but it still can’t fly and while the Big Blue can it is not as agile. Falco will be able to use his superior tech along with his reasonable hand to hand skills to claim victory. Falco wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Captain Falcon is a pretty strong fighter and if you just went by the Super Smash Bros series you’d think that this would be a stomp for him. He’s a lot faster than Ganon while matching him in power. That being said, Ganondorf is actually a very skilled fighter who really got to cut loose in Hyrule Warriors. His powerful swings would prove to be lethal to Falcon and he has energy blasts to cover long range options as well. Ganondorf wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Alien

Aliens are strong in number, but they are outmatched here. Captain Falcon has the speed and power advantage here so the fight won’t be long. Alien will be lucky to land a single hit as the Falcon Kick will send him flying. Aliens don’t have enough durability to last here. Alien will just keep on getting loss after loss until they get some kind of power up. Captain Falcon wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Predator

Predators are good hunters, but they’ve never dealt with a bounty hunter like Captain Falcon before! Captain Falcon’s as powerful as he is fast and he will be the one doing the hunting in this match. The Predators can run, but they can’t hide and the Blue Falcon will ensure that the Captain reaches his opponent very quickly. You can’t outrun something that moves at such high speeds. Captain Falcon wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger may scare people a lot, but nobody can scare the Captain. Captain Falcon has his Falcon Punch and with it he can easily decimate his opponents. Nobody can get near him for fear of getting hit and Falcon is also deceptively fast. This makes for a great combo and his electric knee will end up finishing the match with style. Freddy better watch out because this is no dream! Captain Falcon wins.

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Roy vs Captain Falcon

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As strong as Captain Falcon is, he’ll have a tough time stopping Roy. The cutscene where he defeated Chrom and Lucina was very impressive and had we seen more of the fight, it could have certainly tipped the scales. That being said, he can’t win this match right now. Roy is simply too powerful and too skilled to lose here. His fire abilities will even make the Captain feel the heat, that’s just how good this swordsman is! Roy wins.