Bimbo Bear vs Captain Falcon

The Bimbo Bear is a pretty nice guy. He can fire off energy blasts and just seems like a nice fighter in general. Unfortunately for him, being nice isn’t enough to win fights. Captain Falcon is more talented at hand to hand combat than Bimbo Bear and can also augment his abilities with the fire element. Tell me, what is a bear supposed to do against a fighter like that? He’s just going to be completely outmatched and Falcon will be able to outmanuever Bimbo Bear all day with ease. There’s just nothing he can do here. Captain Falcon wins.

Pillsbury Doughboy vs Bimbo Bear

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of mascots! The Pillsbury Doughboy is easily more popular but is he as powerful? I’d have to say no. Keep in mind that he’s only a little taller than a cookie. The guy’s not ready to fight Bimbo Bear who’s about as large as an 8 year old. He’s also got quick reactions and soccer skills. Ultimately while cookies are vastly superior to baked bread for dessert, the Doughboy’s gonna have to hold this L. Bimbo Bear wins.