Captain Falcon vs Alien

Aliens are strong in number, but they are outmatched here. Captain Falcon has the speed and power advantage here so the fight won’t be long. Alien will be lucky to land a single hit as the Falcon Kick will send him flying. Aliens don’t have enough durability to last here. Alien will just keep on getting loss after loss until they get some kind of power up. Captain Falcon wins.

Alien vs Megaman SF

Megaman SF is one of the stronger fighters out there and it should be pretty easy for him to take a Xenomorph down for the count. Megaman SF has the speed advantage and he could also win in a battle of pure physical might. This isn’t any average fighter that the Xenomorph has found himself up against, but a seasoned pro. Megaman SF wins.

King Caesar vs Alien

aliendrone (1)
King Caesar is back and he’s ready to start smashing away at some Aliens! A Xenomorph is quick, but one good punch from King Caesar should be enough to take him down a peg or two. Let’s face it, King Caesar isn’t known as one of the stronger Showa heroes for nothing! This guy earned his reputation and he moves up the blog ranks! King Caesar wins.

Alien vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr 1
Cell Jr has enough power to easily take out a bunch of planets in a single shot. Xenomorphs are pretty deadly, but not even they can accomplish such a feat. This match definitely goes to the mighty Cell Jr and his abilities are just too far ahead of the Alien for this to be a close fight. Cell Jr wins.

Titanosaurus vs Alien

Xenomorphs are skilled, but they are no match for a Kaiju. Titanosaurus is pretty big and he definitely has the edge in physical power. One good shot from his sonic abilities should be enough to take this alien down for the count. Aliens are skilled in number, but they aren’t very skilled in one on one combat. Titanosaurus win.

Darth Maul vs Alien

Darth Maul Alien
Aliens can be very dangerous and they move quickly, but it will not be enough against one of the Sith. Darth Maul has a lot of experience with the Dark Side of The Force. His Lightsaber skills are also impressive and one good slash would likely be enough to turn the tides of the match and end this. The Alien isn’t durable enough to stop him. Darth Maul wins.

Dark Vader vs Alien

Darth Alien
It appears that The Force wasn’t with the Alien this time. Aliens can be deadly in large numbers and their acid could eventually corrode Vader’s armor, but the battle wouldn’t get that far. Dark Vader can simply fling the alien away with The Force Push or just slash him with the light saber. Either way, it’ll only take Dark Vader a few moments to deal with this creature. Dark Vader wins.

Skull Reaper vs Alien

The Skull Reaper is a being of immense power and he strikes fear into the hearts of many! He’s a savage fighter who will keep on attacking until the opponent is destroyed. No Alien could possibly survive against him thanks to Skull Reaper’s incredible speed and raw power. Skull Reaper could beat dozens of Aliens in an instant. Skull Reaper is definitely one of the scariest characters of 2012. Skull Reaper wins.

Bass vs Alien

Aliens are pretty scary, but Bass is afraid of no being! Aliens are strong in numbers, but thousands of them could attack Bass to no avail. Bass has his Darkness Overload blast and one attack would wipe out a planet. No Alien could possibly survive such an onslaught, but they are also far too slow to dodge it. Bass wins.

Level 3 Akuma vs Alien

aliendrone (1)
This is a tribute to Aliens! The Aliens are definitely skilled, but they’re only slightly stronger than average humans. The Level 3 Akuma is immensely powerful and his abilities are in a league of their own. We can expect another solid battle for the Level 3 coming up, but for now let’s just enjoy this impressive win. The Alien drops down the ranks with this loss. Level 3 Akuma wins.