Summa-verminoth vs King Caesar

Suggested by iKnowledge Size isn’t everything but it’s not nothing either. Summa-verminoth is literally over 100x bigger than King Caesar standing at over 7000 meters while King Caesar is only 50. Now, King Caesar has some energy blasts which is helpful since Summa has no long range options but that just won’t be enough this time. Summa will eventually be able to land some hits with his tendrils and that’ll be it. King Caesar won’t be getting back up. Summa-verminoth wins.

Titanosaurus vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer King Caesar is a fairly tough Kaiju and his energy absorption means that Titanosaurus can’t get away with firing sonic waves all over the place. That said, I would take Titano to win this fight. He had a pretty impressive showing against Godzilla while King Caesar never quite lived up to his hype. The reason it would be close is due to King Caesar’s heat waves as well as the fact that he is still generally fast. I don’t think it will be enough though. Titanosaurus wins.

Godzilla Junior vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior is another impressive Kaiju to enter the ring, but he is a little outmatched against King Caesar. While I don’t doubt that Junior would eventually grow to surpass this guy, we never got to see him at his prime. King Caesar can reflect energy blasts so the atomic breath won’t be useful here. From there it’s a matter of physical strength and I have my doubts on Junior. Even if he were to secure a win here he would quickly be defeated by Caesar’s solar rays. King Caesar wins.

Battra vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a true Kaiju fight and this will be a tricky one. I’d argue that Battra has the edge in a straight fight, but what’s going to hurt him here is the fact that his energy attacks will be rendered null and void against King Caesar. Caesar can reflect the blasts and additionally thanks to the games he has lasers of his own. Physical strength won’t really come into play here since King Caesar can just keep Battra at a distance and chip away at his health. Battra can fly around to dodge for a while, but it will only delay the inevitable. King Caesar wins.

King Caesar vs Meta Knight

Aw man! This is what I call a stomp, but not literally. I’m afraid that King Caesar will not be able to lay a claw on the massively overpowered swordsman. He was so good that he was even banned in one of the Super Smash games at one point. His great speed and array of solid close combat options will let him counter anything that the King can throw his way. He’s also got the Halberd of course, which packs a punch. A human sized opponent could have time to get on board or dodge, but that’s not an option for a Kaiju. Meta Knight wins.

King Caesar vs Biollante

The underrated Kaiju strikes again as King Caesar quickly takes Biollante out of the fight. Now, this may be pretty controversial, but Biollante can barely move so her attack power isn’t a huge factor. King Caesar can block energy blasts so I like to think that this is a good counter to Biollante’s acid. He has the speed advantage and he’s not afraid to show off his hand to hand skills either. The odds are in his favor! King Caesar wins.

King Caesar vs Kumonga

This is a battle of two powerful Kaiju, but I’m afraid that Kumonga is just a little outmatched here. He can’t try to grab or throw King Caesar since he’s not much of a hand to hand fighter and King Caesar should be able to weave his way through Kumonga’s tangled webs. I don’t want to underestimate the fearless spider…but I just don’t see him winning here. King Caesar wins.

Howard Aguello vs King Caesar

“Howard!?” is probably an exclamation that we’ve all uttered at some point. It all started in a certain film (Jingle All The Way I think) and it never stopped. Nonetheless, that doesn’t really pertain to the fight and King Caesar just needs one stomp to win this battle. The difference in power is rather large this time around. King Caesar wins.

King Caesar vs Alien

aliendrone (1)
King Caesar is back and he’s ready to start smashing away at some Aliens! A Xenomorph is quick, but one good punch from King Caesar should be enough to take him down a peg or two. Let’s face it, King Caesar isn’t known as one of the stronger Showa heroes for nothing! This guy earned his reputation and he moves up the blog ranks! King Caesar wins.

King Caesar vs Chunk

The Chunk is nearly out of fights…but by nearly, I mean that it still could be in the double digits so beat with me on this. King Caesar just needs one good kick and then he can devastate the opposition. The Chunk just couldn’t defend against such an impressive opponent. King Caesar wins.