Godzilla Junior vs Three Giant Snakes

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior has never been thought to be all that powerful but it’s because he is stuck in a universe where all of the monsters are crazy powerful. Stick him in a universe that is a little less intimidating and then you’ll see things begin to change. The Three Giant Snakes are huge but that all they’ve got going for them. Junior would have no trouble at all blasting them to smithereens. Godzilla Junior wins.


Godzilla Junior vs Chunk

Godzilla Junior is a pretty powerful kaiju and he’s always ready to crush the opposition. The Chunk has a gun, and he can also throw a good punch when he needs to. The Chunk has fought many times, but in the end experience won’t be enough to counter such intense power. Godzilla Junior wins.

Nate The Great vs Godzilla Junior

Nate The Great is a pretty good detective, but in the end I’m not sure he wins this round. He lacks the raw power that Godzilla Junior has. One blast should be enough to take down Nate The Great. Nate The Great drops down the ranks with this loss. He will be back one day. Godzilla Junior wins.

Bull Rancor vs Godzilla Junior

Godzilla Junior is a monster of immense power! He can fire his deadly atomic radiation and isn’t that bad at hand to hand combat. I do think Bull Rancor has the advantage if things get close and personal, but since Godzilla Junior can shoot beams that shouldn’t be a problem. Godzilla Junior wins.

Silver Sonic 2 vs Godzilla Junior

Godzilla Junior is here to get beaten again. He just doesn’t have the skills that Silver Sonic 2 has. Silver Sonic 2 has speed that’s so great he’s taken on guys like Shadow! Godzilla Junior can’t quite do that, he’s just too big and lacks speed. One day Godzilla Junior will be back. Silver Sonic 2 wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Havok

Godzilla Junior’s back again! Well, this is the end of the line for his win streak! Havok can shoot energy blasts of a lot of power and has even deadlocked them with Cyclop’s optic blasts! Godzilla Junior’s atomic breath is strong, but I’m not quite so sure it can take out Havok’s blasts. Havok wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Fred

Fred looks like he’s about to run, but who can blame him! Godzilla Junior’s been crushing all of the opponents in his path and Fred’s just gonna be one of them. He doesn’t have the powers needed to take down such a monster. Godzilla Junior is pretty big and has his Atomic Blasts. Godzilla Junior wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Ant

Well what do ya know, Godzilla Junior is back! He’s been winning a lot lately and I don’t think that’s about to switch now. This Ant is giant, but Godzilla Junior has his Atomic Blasts which are basically 1 hit KOs for Ants. Ant drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back. Godzilla Junior wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Python

Godzilla Junior is back for another win. Pythons are deadly creatures and with one bite can take down some opponents. Of course a bite probably wouldn’t do much to Godzilla Junior, and he wouldn’t even get to bite him. One Atomic Blast ought to get Godzilla Junior the win in this round. Godzilla Junior wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Polar Bear

Godzilla Junior is back yet again. With one Atomic Blast he could take out the Polar Bear in an instant. Polar Bears may be tough and fast, but dodging an energy blast is tough for any fighter. Godzilla Junior is also much bigger than the Polar Bear which helps him take the win in this round. Godzilla Junior wins.