Biollante vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer The War Wolf is a pretty resourceful creature that will keep coming after you until it finally scores a win. That being said, they’re not very durable. Their regenerative abilities help to counter this but against a Kaiju the size of Biollante I don’t see that being very helpful. Biollante could wipe them away without a trace after firing one of her mega lasers. Nothing will survive such a powerful incineration blast. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer A Pokey is a pretty tough Mario villain. He’s always around to cause a little chaos and tends to take the advantage in a fight. That being said, this is one match where sheer size can make a difference. What is a Pokey going to realistically do against someone like Biollante? She can just squash the poor villain or fire off a quick acid blast. Either way I don’t see the Pokey getting up after all of that. Biollante wins.

King Bob Omb vs Biollante

The King is finally back on the blog, but he’s just a little outmatched here. His super strength is enough to make his opponents wince, but Biollante isn’t your average fighter. Her acid blasts will keep the King at bay and his explosion tactic would not be a wise move here. He simply won’t be able to get close to her. Biollante wins.

King Caesar vs Biollante

The underrated Kaiju strikes again as King Caesar quickly takes Biollante out of the fight. Now, this may be pretty controversial, but Biollante can barely move so her attack power isn’t a huge factor. King Caesar can block energy blasts so I like to think that this is a good counter to Biollante’s acid. He has the speed advantage and he’s not afraid to show off his hand to hand skills either. The odds are in his favor! King Caesar wins.

Alien (Battle LA) vs Biolllante

Biollante is back for another win against one of the less original aliens in cinema existence. These guys are small and they pack a punch when in large numbers. This would be a closer fight if it was an army of these aliens, but Biollante will easily win if this is just a one on one battle. Biollante wins.

II Piantissimo vs Biollante

This is a tough battle since II Piantissimo is physically strong enough to hurt Mario just by bumping into him and he’s obviously meta human based off of his race against the plumber. That being said, he hasn’t shown anything beyond this so I’m going to have to assume that he is not ready to defeat a Kaiju. Biollante can blast away at him until he goes down. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Prunella

Prunella may be pretty good at reading fortunes, but that simply isn’t enough to win the big battles. Biollante is an impressive Kaiju and her abilities are feared across the cosmos. One good hit would be enough to end the round. Biollante’s had a very impressive string of matches lately, but this is likely where it ends for now. One never tires of these one sided Kaiju wins, but it’s time for a change of combatants. Still, Biollante definitely rose up the ranks with these fights! Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Raccoon

Raccoons are fun to watch since they usually have a pretty epic adventure as they crush the garbage can and steal your carefully prepared pizza pie. That being said, they aren’t typically known as fighters and Biollante has the edge since she’s so huge and her power level is essentially off the charts. One hit will end the match. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Raptor

Raptors are quick and they’re definitely my favorite kind of dinosaur. That being said, Biollante is a Kaiju and that means that she’s a lot stronger than any dinosaur who ever lived. She would be able to win in a fist fight thanks to her overwhelming power and none of Raptor’s attacks would really be able to cause any serious injuries. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Fred

Biollante is back once again and now she’s up against Fred Jones. Fred may not seem like the strongest fighter out there, but he’s definitely as powerful as they come. Biollante will have a hard time trying to match up to him in a mystery, but she has the clear edge when it comes to a battle. Fred will drop down the ranks as he loses this round. Biollante wins.