Hedorah vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Suggested by Destroyer Copperhead is a tough fighter who has some reasonable hand to hand skills and a nasty bite. That being said, he is definitely not going to be doing anything substantial against against Hedorah. The Kaiju’s natural defensive abilities will be more than a match for this guy and all he needs is one good hit to win. At that point the match will be as good as over. Hedorah wins.

Kumonga vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Suggested by Destroyer Copperhead has a gun and his armor is actually bullet proof so you don’t want to count him out so quickly. That said, he would eventually fall here. While he can potentially stay away from Kumonga for a while, he doesn’t have any real way to injure the Kaiju. So ultimately he would just be squashed at some point and then that would be all over for him. The size difference is crazy here and Copperhead isn’t durable enough. Kumonga wins.

Kamacuras vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Suggested by Destroyer Copperhead isn’t particularly powerful. He’s certainly not as skilled in hand to hand as the popular character from DC. Lawrence also didn’t last long in the comics as he was betrayed at the crucial moment. At best you could give him props for always having his gun at the ready. I really don’t think the gun will be doing much of anything to Kamacuras though so that’s game over for him. One stomp will end this. Kamacuras wins.

Copperhead (Beam) vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Copperhead (Beam) is pretty powerful and can fire energy blasts from his hands. Of course, who needs that when you have a gun! Lawrence has a gun and he’s not afraid too use it. His skills are pretty sharp. In the end Copperhead (Beam) takes the match because beams Do beat guns in the end. Copperhead (Beam) wins.

Gon vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Well this Copperhead won’t do any better than the other one. Gon is just too powerful compared to these guys. These guys just don’t have the skills to win. Gon, however gets himself another win to help him stay in the high sectionthat Copperhead will never get too. Gon wins.