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Biollante vs Havok

Another easy win for Biollante right? Shockingly this is not the case! Havok’s energy blasts are very powerful and even Biollante wouldn’t last against them for long. Biollante may be a lot larger than Havok, but her attacks aren’t quick enough to hit him and Havok will just keep on blasting her until she is defeated. Biollante is in no position to stop him and eventually she would go down. Havok wins.

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Python vs Biollante

It’s time to see Biollante earn another win as she cruises through this round. It’s really hard to think of any good argument for the Python since Biollante outranks it in just about every battle category. This match would be over very quickly and Biollante fans are likely pleased to see her winning so much. Biollante wins.

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Polar Bear vs Biollante

Polar Bears can be strong in numbers, but they still won’t be a match for the mighty Biollante! Biollante is a Kaiju of immense power and one good shot would be able to end the round. The difference in power between these two fighters is pretty large and it’s a gap that can’t be overcome by tactics or hand to hand skills. Biollante wins.

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Ankylosaurus vs Biollante

Ankylosaurus can be a powerful Dinosaur, but I really don’t see it being able to stop Biollante. Biollante is a powerful Kaiju and her abilities surpass those of ordinary creatures. A single acid blast would be able to win the round or Biollante can just win with pure power. Due to their size difference, it is a valid strategy. Biolante wins.

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Lampshade Spider vs Biollante

The Lampshade Spider is an impressive fighter, but I would still go with Biollante to win the fight. She’s a lot larger than the spider and also has more firepower. A single acid blast should be enough to win the round and advance her higher into the ranks. Can any fighter really hope to stop her win streak? Biollante wins.

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Biollante vs Prince Haru

Things can be a little tough for Prince Haru because he doesn’t really have any fans. He may have been a brave prince, but it’s just hard for fans to root for him. It’s unfortunate since Prince Haru always meant well, but that won’t be enough to stop Biollante. A single acid blast will still defeat him and the crown. Biollante wins.

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Biollante vs Chunk

The Chunk’s courage is matched only by his strength, but he still isn’t a match for Biollante. Biollante is a fierce opponent and a single hit would likely take the fight out of The Chunk. The Chunk can dodge her blasts for a while, but he doesn’t really have any attacks that will be particularly effective against her. Biollante wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Biollante

Howard Aguello may be a terrific runner, but that won’t be enough to stop a Kaiju. Biollante is essentially out of his league and a quick acid blast will take him down. Howard has a gun at the ready, but bullets are about as useful as pea shooters against Biollante’s defense. Biollante will continue to rise up the blog ranks with these wins. Biollante wins.

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Biollante vs Air Bud

Air Bud’s a really cool dog and he could likely crush Biollante on the Basketball court. The Kaiju does have the edge when it comes to hand to hand combat, but I would never count Air Bud out of the fight entirely. Hopefully we get to see more of this guy in the future because Air Bud is pretty epic. Biollante wins.

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Biollante vs Cam Jansen

Cam Jansen may be a very good detective, but that simply won’t be enough for her to take Biollante down. Biollante is a kaiju and that means that she has large amounts of power hidden within. I just don’t see Cam Jansen thinking of a solution to this fight because the gap in their overall ability is just too vast. Biollante wins.