Olive Oyl vs April

Suggested by Sonic Olive Oyl has some super strength so right off the bat I do want to say that it’s not like this will be a stomp or anything. That being said, she is still outmatched here. Oyl has no actual combat skills while April is a trained ninja who also has a few guns up her sleeve. Olive Oyl has no real defense against such tactics so while she can hold on for a little while in a fight like this, I ultimately see her getting overpowered. April wins.

Hedorah vs April

Suggested by Destroyer April has had a long career of following the turtles. In that time she has earned some basic weapons to defend herself with and she even knows hand to hand. This would go far against some opponents but Hedorah isn’t one of those. He will very quickly take her down no matter what strategy she walks in with. This is what true power looks like, it is simply the ability to take whatever the opponent throws at you while continuing to the goal. Hedorah wins.

April vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. April did a pretty decent job repelling the flirting from her co worker and Michelangelo, which plays a large part in her winning the tribute match. She may not have done a good job of convincing the general public that there were monsters afoot, but I guess I’ll just have to say “better luck next time” and continue. Nemo is a bold fish, but April only needs one good kick to take the win. April wins.

April vs Atom

Atom is a fighter and he knows when it’s time to fight! April may be a decent hand to hand fighter in her own right, but does she have enough skills to take on the Atom? I don’t think so, since the Atom has matched up against Batman in the past! April does have a sword and she knows how to use it, but it just won’t be enough this time. Atom wins.