Olive Oyl vs April

Suggested by Sonic Olive Oyl has some super strength so right off the bat I do want to say that it’s not like this will be a stomp or anything. That being said, she is still outmatched here. Oyl has no actual combat skills while April is a trained ninja who also has a few guns up her sleeve. Olive Oyl has no real defense against such tactics so while she can hold on for a little while in a fight like this, I ultimately see her getting overpowered. April wins.

Olive Oyl vs Olivia Sharp

Suggested by Sonic Olivia Sharp isn’t quite ready to deal with a character as violent as Olive Oyl. Olive has gotten into many scrapes in her day and always comes out on top. Olive Oyl is stronger and faster than Olivia, not to mention older. There isn’t really a way that Olivia can try to mount a comeback here so she will have to be satisfied with a quick loss. Perhaps she will have better luck against Olive Oyl next time. Olive Oyl wins.

King Ghidorah vs Olive Oyl

King Ghidorah is one of those monsters who just keeps on winning and winning. How can Olive Oyl hope to stop him!? She just doesn’t have the abilities to stop him. King Ghidorah takes yet another win and keeps on increasing his record with impressive speed. King Ghidorah wins.