Hannah Montana vs Minnie Mouse

Suggested by Sonic Hannah Montana is a singer from a while back who had to try and lead a double life. It was definitely tricky but she pulled it off which shows that she does have some pretty good skills. That being said she isn’t really a fighter. Neither is Minnie Mouse but at least the latter has some mild spells and even a tiny barrier that she used once in Kingdom Hearts. That will be enough to repel Hannah Montana and keep Minnie on top. She won’t be going down here. Minnie Mouse wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Minnie Mouse

Suggested by Sonic Ronald McDonald is a pretty cool mascot. I definitely miss the guy since he had a way of commanding the room. That being said Minnie has some reasonable abilities that will give her the edge. For starters she can emit some powerful light which is actually enough to push an enemy back. She can jump fairly high and uses her purse to attack enemies. Ronald would have the edge in a physical match of strength, but he has nothing to counter her light abilities. Minnie Mouse wins.

Minnie Mouse vs Plankton

Suggested by Sonic Minnie Mouse is a nice mouse, but she hasn’t had nearly as many power ups as Mickey. Not only has she not obtained her own keyblade yet, but all she’s got to her name is a quick light blast. In the Infinity game she does know basic hand to hand and can use her purse as a weapon, but that’s not really going to cut it against Plankton. Plankton’s invented many robots and has a few death lasers at his disposal. There’s nothing Minnie can do against such a well rounded fighter. Plankton wins.

The BioLizard vs Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was always a pretty emotional character, but she won’t be able to defeat The BioLizard. Her firepower just won’t be able to match The BioLizard’s. The BioLizard can shoot beams of intense energy that should win the match pretty quickly. The BioLizard takes yet another win. The BioLizard wins.

Space Godzilla vs Minnie Mouse

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Space Godzilla is back once again, but it’s for another easy win. Minnie Mouse can’t hope to keep up with the intense power that Space Godzilla has at his disposal. Space Godzilla has defeated several opponents in the past and may be on his way to…..100 wins!! Space Godzilla wins.

Gregar vs Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse has always been a pretty cheerful fighter, but sometimes it’s time to take away the cheerfulness and just use your fighting skills to save the day. Of course, Minnie Mouse doesn’t really have enough fighting skills to take down someone like this monster! Gregar wins.

Minnie Mouse vs Lazerman

Minnie Mouse is pretty skilled and can take down many opponents with great ease. Of course she’s still not quite Lazerman level. Lazerman is just too powerful and has been pwning for ages. Lazerman rises up the blog ranks with this win. He’s been doing good lately on the blog. Lazerman wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Minnie Mouse

Tengu Shredder has his sword abilities and can take down many opponents in his way. Minnie Mouse is just one of them. Tengu Shredder can also fire energy blasts which are highly dangerous. If Minnie Mouse gets hit by one of those it could be all over. Tengu Shredder rises up the ranks. Tengu Shredder wins.

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