Minnie Mouse vs Plankton

Suggested by Sonic Minnie Mouse is a nice mouse, but she hasn’t had nearly as many power ups as Mickey. Not only has she not obtained her own keyblade yet, but all she’s got to her name is a quick light blast. In the Infinity game she does know basic hand to hand and can use her purse as a weapon, but that’s not really going to cut it against Plankton. Plankton’s invented many robots and has a few death lasers at his disposal. There’s nothing Minnie can do against such a well rounded fighter. Plankton wins.

Spongebob Freestyle Funnies 2015 Review

Spongebob Squarepants is a show that I never got into when I was a kid. I will admit that the theme song was so cringe worthy for me that it eventually became catchy and I would find myself playing it over in my head. I couldn’t get over it and eventually realized that the theme song was simply too good to ignore. When I saw that a Spongebob comic was among the free ones that I got, I could barely keep my hopes from getting slightly higher than the average comedy issue. After all, Spongebob was usually fun right?

Spongebob is going Jellyfish hunting since it is the annual Jellyfish migration. Unfortunately, none of them are showing up this year. It seems like the Plankton has stolen them for his own fiendish purposes. Will Spongebob allow this to continue or will he decide to join Plankton? Either way, it sounds like he may accomplish both! This is a dark time for Spongebob and his friends.

The plot is decent and it lasts for the entire issue, which is good. A lot of comedies decide to have a cop out and contain several stories to buy themselves some time. If you can’t think of a good story that can last for the whole issue, then I’m afraid that it is game set and match. The Jellyfish hunting could have been a real problem, but luckily they make it clear on several occasions that the Jellyfish will not be harmed. The heroes make fruit punch from their stinging, but Plankton reminds us that it will not hurt the Jellyfish in any way.

You will feel bad for the Moneybags guy since he thought that people were praising his artistic talents when they were actually bashing him. I really felt bad for the guy since he clearly tried his best. It just was not enough that time. His paintings didn’t look bad either. Moneybags can be rather stuck up and he was a little mean to Spongebob so I suppose that he had practically been asking for this to happen. Ah well, at least the mean townsmen didn’t actually break all of his art. Now that would have been sad!

The art looks decently good for this comic. It is nothing amazing of course, but I applaud the effort. There are no panels that look bad and every character’s model appears to be accurate. I’d expect nothing less from Spongebob right? It is a lot more enjoyable than the other comedies. I never saw the show, but I’ve always had a good understanding of how good it was. The comic did not disappoint and lived up to my expectations.

Overall, Spongebob’s Freestyle Funnies were good. We got to see why Spongebob is the main character of legend and I think the show is still going. I know that we recently got a movie, which seemed intriguing. It’s still not quite up to snuff when compared to good ole DC and Marvel, but for what it is, it’s not bad. I’m nearing the end of my Free Comic Book marathon so it is good to see that some of the final issues still have a positive score within them.

Overall 6/10

Destoroyah vs Plankton

Don’t worry folks, I believe that this will be the end for the Plankton…at least for a while. Destoroyah is known to be one of the strongest Godzilla monsters in existence. I don’t really rate him quite as highly as the average fan, but I’ll admit that he’s still a very tough fighter. He’s easily strong enough to take Plankton down in one hit. Destoroyah wins.

Plankton vs Mecha Godzilla

Plankton is back and now we’re all probably starting to feel bad for him. It’s been a rough couple of matches that he has been in lately and the losses don’t seem to want to stop. Plankton can be decently tough for his TV show, but he doesn’t have a chance against Mecha Godzilla. This is one of the only Kaiju who can beat Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla wins.

Plankton vs Gigan

Plankton has returned, but he’s a little outmatched against Gigan. Gigan has the massive advantage in raw power and his laser blasts can deal enough damage to grant him victory in a single shot. I admire the Plankton’s resolve, but it just won’t be enough. Hopefully he can manage a win soon…Gigan wins.

Plankton vs Godzilla

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and he’s back to really launch some havok against Plankton. Plankton is quick, but he’s very small and his giant robots don’t really level the playing field here. Nothing is going to stop the legendary monster and it’s been a while since we got to see Godzilla take a win. Godzilla wins.

Ender Dragon vs Plankton

The Ender Dragon is definitely powerful, but I think he has met his match in this round. Plankton has his mecha armor which can fire intense blasts of fire. The Ender Dragon is strong, but in the end he won’t be able to endure that for long. He takes the loss and drops down the blog ranks. Plankton wins.

Ben 10 vs Plankton

Ben 10 is back and now he’s up against Plankton! Plankton has some pretty intense power at his disposal, but in the end it won’t be enough to win. Ben 10 rises up the ranks with this win. It seems like nobody is able to stop him at this rate! Plankton may be back someday. Ben 10 wins.

Plankton vs Goten

Well Plankton can make technology so advanced that it held a giant burger! Still, that won’t be enough to take down a Solar System Buster like Goten! Goten is extremely powerful and is rarely beaten. It’s no wonder why, with his faster than light speed and super impressive power! Goten wins.