Domestic Longhair vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Longhair is back, but he won’t do any better against Gigan. Gigan is a Kaiju of unbelievable power. A single energy blast could end this match in an instant and I don’t see any way for the Longhair to counter such a foe. Any hit would bounce off of his armor and the size difference is just crazy. No matter how you slice it Gigan claims victory in this match and increases his record even further from what it once was. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Sharktopus

Suggested by Destroyer Gigan has been taking opponents down for as long as I can remember. He is an incredibly fierce fighter who consistently outranks all who would dare oppose him. The Sharktopus is no exception. It may be a vicious fighter who chomps away at anything in its path, but Gigan is partially robotic so there’s really nothing for the Sharktopus to sink his teeth into. Gigan is too durable. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Daddy Long Legs

Suggested by Destroyer Gigan has returned and now he’s up against a spider? I don’t really need to go into depth to explain why he wins this one right? He probably wouldn’t even feel a spider on top of him and its bites certainly wouldn’t do any damage. The real trick for Gigan will be to locate this spider, but with his technology at the ready I’m confident that he could accomplish this. One hit and the match is over. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Doc Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Doc Brown is one of the smartest guys to have graced the future with his presence. He’s definitely not someone who will go down easy, but without sufficient prep time there isn’t much he can do against Gigan. Gigan is in a completely different class both in power and speed. I don’t really see how Doc Brown can hope to challenge him here. His inventions won’t save him. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Para Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Para Goomba is one of the most common enemies in the Mario games. At this point people don’t really fear him all that much and Gigan will feel the same way. He can blast the Goomba out of the sky like it’s nobody’s business. At that point the Goomba’s options are limited since he won’t be able to move if he even survives such an attack. Gigan is essentially a walking titan of destruction who leaves no survivors. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Mecha Koopa

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Gigan to rise back up and show why he is the highest ranked Kaiju on the blog. He’s a very powerful being who has a buzzsaw and other weapons at his disposal. Gigan can win just about any battle through sheer brawn, but having these other options never hurts. A Mecha Koopa has little to no durability whatsoever so there isn’t really a whole lot that he can do here. One stomp and he’s down for the count. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Daniel Sousa

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel was never the greatest character out there. He’s a nice enough chap to be sure, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t say that he gets results. Gigan can blast him into oblivion with no real effort and there’s nothing Daniel would be able to do about it. Bullets don’t hurt Gigan and Daniel is basically out of options at that point. This is just a lopsided match that isn’t in his favor. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Boo Boo Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Boo Boo Bear is always ready to give some nice moral support, but at the end of the day he certainly isn’t a fighter. Don’t get confused and think that he will be able to use his creative skills to think of a way to win here. There’s nothing he can do that will put him in any kind of position to steal a win here. Gigan is simply way too powerful and a single move would let him rise to the top. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Stegosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer A Stegosaurus is a pretty intimidating animal. I dare say that it could defeat almost any current animal living on Earth, maybe even all of them. That being said, Gigan isn’t just any ole creature, he’s a full blown Kaiju. What are you going to do against that level of power? Gigan can teleport to dodge all of Stegosaurus’s attacks and just win from afar with his lasers. This plan is 100% foolproof. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Barney

Suggested by Destroyer Barney is really an iconic figure. He’s helped a lot of kids learn valuable life lessons throughout his career and that’s definitely a pretty important thing to do. Still, he doesn’t have a whole lot of combat experience and that’s really going to come back to bite him here. What can he hope to do against a Kaiju like Gigan? His durability is too high for Barney to deal any damage so at that point it’s basically game over. Gigan wins.