Lightning vs Gigan

This is almost a tragic match as Gigan did something no other Kaiju has ever done. He made it all the way to the top 10% of the blog’s fighting force. He’s a very powerful Kaiju, but at the same time he can’t hope to defeat Lightning. Lightning has defeated her share of gods and monsters and even has one as a personal summon in the form of Odin. Odin can take on Gigan in a pretty good fight and even without him Lightning essentially became a god (Or a messenger of the gods) by the end of the series with power that was increased for this task. Gigan will have a hard time hitting her and Lightning’s durability is enough to keep her fighting until she gets the victory. Lightning wins.


Calamity Coyote vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer Calamity Coyote has been taking his losses like a champ but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is seriously outclassed in this fight. Gigan is a large Kaiju who could just step on the fox. Calamity Coyote is used to fighting small opponents and won’t be able to adapt in time to take out this larger fighter. Gigan wins.

Wasp Woman vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Wasp Woman definitely has a cool design but I don’t think it will really help her too much Gigan can still win with a single blast. The Wasp Woman will have a tough time dodging since her speed isn’t anything special and the blast covers a very large range. It is definitely time for her curtain call. Gigan wins.

Marty McFly vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer Marty McFly is a reasonably tough kid who stands up to bullies and can be very creative when trying to get out of a jam. However, keeping that up will be tough against a Kaiju who won’t even feel any of Marty’s attacks. Marty could throw 190 punches at Gigan and he still would not take any damage. It’s simply a losing battle for him. Gigan wins.

Megalodon vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Megalodon is possibly large enough to be called a giant monster. This is an opponent who likely could hurt Gigan with his sheer size and power. Of course, Gigan has laser blasts and teleportation on his side which are very valuable to have in a fight. He is dangerous from any range and Megalodon simply won’t be able to endure the onslaught. Gigan even has his Final Wars form if necessary. Gigan wins.

Waddle Doo vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer A Waddle Doo may have more personality than your average Goomba, but I’m afraid that they aren’t very strong. It’s not like they can throw out any punches strong enough to hurt Gigan and running around just won’t cut it after a while. Gigan just needs one good energy blast and that will be the end of the fight. He can even teleport for extra style points. Gigan wins.

Ankylosaurus vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer Ankylosaurus is a strong dinosaur to be sure but I wonder if he has what it takes to win this match. Gigan is larger and stronger than this beast plus he can also teleport and has energy blasts. That’s a whole lot to try and overcome so I’m thinking that this match will be over very quickly. Gigan wins.

Turkey vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer A Turkey is a good bird that people really like around Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I don’t think the Turkey is quite strong enough to take on a Kaiju like Gigan. Gigan can teleport around the Turkey and win with a quick energy blast. That’s all he would need and the Turkey has no way of damaging him anyway. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Balki Bartokomous

Suggested by Destroyer Balki has absorbed quite a few losses on the blog. It’s pretty sad for the guy since at the end of the day he’s just a normal guy. He simply can’t compete with all of these fancy monsters and super powered fighters. The guy is out of his league but maybe he could run away for a while to prolong the inevitable and make it seem like a good fight. Gigan wins.

Gigan vs Daniel LaRusso

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Larusso may know some karate but does he really stand a chance against a Kaiju? Gigan is enormous and he could just fall down to end the match. The shockwave from such a fall would likely be strong enough to take Daniel down in an instance. Seriously, just think of the crater from an impact like that. Gigan wins.