Gigan vs Para Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Para Goomba is one of the most common enemies in the Mario games. At this point people don’t really fear him all that much and Gigan will feel the same way. He can blast the Goomba out of the sky like it’s nobody’s business. At that point the Goomba’s options are limited since he won’t be able to move if he even survives such an attack. Gigan is essentially a walking titan of destruction who leaves no survivors. Gigan wins.

Jolly Green Giant vs Para Goomba

Suggested by Sonic The Jolly Green Giant may not look like the fanciest fighter out there, but who needs to be fancy when you have brute strength? Para Goombas can grow to a large size as well, but they have a difficult time attacking as they lack limbs. This giant can easily punch the Goomba into submission and has a lot of other attack options anyway. Any way you slice it, he definitely has the edge here. Jolly Green Giant wins.

Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Para Goomba

SMG2 para goombas
Mecha Godzilla 2 is back and ready for another fight. He’s been doing pretty well as of late and things don’t seem to be changing. Para Goomba may seem like a pretty agile guy for the most part, but in the end that won’t be enough to stop such a powerful robot. Mecha Godzilla 2 wins.

Para Goomba vs Luigi

Para Goombas are pretty cool when they want too be. They can fly and do all sorts of tricks. Still, in the longrun they can’t take down Luigi. Luigi has fire balls that he can use to take many opponents down. I’m afraid Para Goomba didn’t stand a chance and drops down the rankings. Luigi wins.

Para Goomba vs Mario

Para Goomba is back. After showing his stuff he’s been 1-0 for long enough. It’s time for Mario to step up to the plate and knock him back down. Mario takes a win and rises up the blog to heights that Para Goomba won’t follow. Para Goomba may fight again someday…we’ll have to wait and see. Mario wins.

Goomba vs Para Goomba

Goomba is Mario’s oldest villain. He is even older than Bowser. Mario has never fought someone so reliable. Goomba has always been there and always be there. While Para Goomba is like Goomba, Goomba can turn giant and squash him. Para Goomba can turn giant too but the wings would get in the way. Goomba wins.

Though if you think about it all Para Goomba has to do is fall on Goomba to win. Sooooo Para Goomba wins!