Jolly Green Giant vs Bloody Moon Dragon

Suggested by Sonic The Jolly Green Giant is a pretty comforting figure when it comes to fighters. You know that he can protect the corn rather well but he hasn’t actually been in a real fight despite that. I don’t think he would be able to do a whole lot against the Bloody Moon Dragon. The gap in their abilities is simply too vast. The Dragon can stay in the air and pepper the Giant with fire blasts. The Moon Dragon can then use his speed to stay out of the Giant’s range long enough for the hits to add up. Bloody Moon Dragon wins.

Jolly Green Giant vs Para Goomba

Suggested by Sonic The Jolly Green Giant may not look like the fanciest fighter out there, but who needs to be fancy when you have brute strength? Para Goombas can grow to a large size as well, but they have a difficult time attacking as they lack limbs. This giant can easily punch the Goomba into submission and has a lot of other attack options anyway. Any way you slice it, he definitely has the edge here. Jolly Green Giant wins.

Daniel Larusso vs Jolly Green Giant

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Larusso may be a pretty talented fighter but he is going to be in for a surprise when he goes up against the Jolly Green Giant. After all, karate chops and other martial art techniques aren’t all that effective against such a tall and powerful opponent. It’s safe to say that the Giant can win this round with a simple right hook. This is one case where size actually is an advantage. Jolly Green Giant wins.

Jolly Green Giant vs Gemini Saga

Jolly Green Giant is back, but he’s back for another loss. He just doesn’t quite have the power that Gemini Saga has. Jolly Green Giant is a mascot for corn so it’s only to be expected that he can’t take down Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga is just far too fast and much too powerful. Gemini Saga wins.

Iron Giant vs Jolly Green Giant

Jolly Green Giant is back yet again. This time he’s gonna be defeated by the Iron Giant! Jolly Green Giant may be pretty impressive, but in the end he just lacks the physical power needed to take down The Iron Giant! Iron Giant wins his debut which means he’ll be fighting again pretty soon. Iron Giant wins.

Jolly Green Giant vs Hulk

The Jolly Green Giant makes his blog debut with this match! He’s definitely big, but in the end he can’t take on someone as powerful as the Hulk! The Hulk has had many power ups over the years and with one punch can do some massive damage! The Jolly Green Giant will be back soon. Hulk wins.