Jolly Green Giant vs Bloody Moon Dragon

Suggested by Sonic The Jolly Green Giant is a pretty comforting figure when it comes to fighters. You know that he can protect the corn rather well but he hasn’t actually been in a real fight despite that. I don’t think he would be able to do a whole lot against the Bloody Moon Dragon. The gap in their abilities is simply too vast. The Dragon can stay in the air and pepper the Giant with fire blasts. The Moon Dragon can then use his speed to stay out of the Giant’s range long enough for the hits to add up. Bloody Moon Dragon wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Great Reaper

It’s time for a battle of monsters. The Great Reaper may not be remembered too well nowadays, but he was a very powerful opponent in the Kid Icarus game. This guy’s attacks deal a lot of damage and cover a very wide area so it is difficult to evade them. Bloody Moon Dragon may have some reasonable stats across the board, but I fear that he is simply outmatched here. The Great Reaper’s abilities are simply too …great! Great Reaper wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Zilla


Zilla definitely has the size advantage here but that’s about it. Bloody Moon Dragon can still overwhelm him with pure speed and technique. Zilla will effectively be defenseless against these attacks and while she can endure a lot of hits, eventually they will be enough to take her down for the count. It could be a drawn out battle but one that can ultimately only go one way. Bloody Moon Dragon wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Tetsuya Kurodake

Suggested by Sonic Tetsuya is back and he is up against quite the dragon. Bloody Moon Dragon is huge and has a whole lot of attack power at his disposal. With this much strength it should be an easy feat for him to defeat the kid one on one. Of course, a Buddyfighter is never alone and together with his army of monsters, Tetsuya will be able to easily overwhelm this dragon. Tetsuya wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Ruby Rose

maxresdefault (10)
The Bloody Moon Dragon is a fearsome opponent with a really cool design. However, Ruby has already taken down many skilled opponents and giant monsters. The Bloody Moon Dragon won’t be fast enough to dodge her attacks and certainly isn’t durable enough to endure them. Ruby’s aura will prevent him from dealing any meaningful damage either so the Bloody Moon Dragon is completely out of options. Ruby Rose wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Deathgaze Dragon

unnamed (3)
Suggested by Sonic Bloody Moon Dragon is a pretty strong foe. His raw attack power is off the charts so he deals heavy damage. That being said, he is only as durable as Deathgaze and maybe slightly less so. Moon Dragon is a true glass cannon, but he’ll get the job done here. Deathgaze just couldn’t survive getting hit by this powerhouse and that’s really why he can’t survive to the end of the match. Bloody Moon Dragon wins.