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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Asmodai

Suggested by Sonic Asmodai may be a talented monster with quite a few forms up his sleeve but he isn’t quite ready to handle someone like Tetsuya. Tetsuya has an Asmodai of his own along with a bunch of other monsters and spells at the ready. Together with these forces I don’t expect Tetsuya to go down easy or at all really. He has every combat advantage you could possibly ask for. Asmodai would need to work some serious magic to try and win this fight. Tetsuya wins.

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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Sofia Sakharov

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Suggested by Sonic Sofia definitely got a lot of hype during the early Buddyfight days. Unfortunately she never got a lot of fights to help support this as she would typically just teleport away instead of taking her cards out. Meanwhile Tetsuya doesn’t have the greatest deck but he still does have a solid army of monsters at his beck and call. Asmodai is a demon lord even if he doesn’t always look too impressive so that also gives Tetsuya’s deck a boost. Sofia’s disaster force will help her to an extent but the crucial piece to victory will be her Inverse Omni Lord Dragon. There’s no answer to this card. Sofia Sakharov wins.

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Bloody Moon Dragon vs Tetsuya Kurodake

Suggested by Sonic Tetsuya is back and he is up against quite the dragon. Bloody Moon Dragon is huge and has a whole lot of attack power at his disposal. With this much strength it should be an easy feat for him to defeat the kid one on one. Of course, a Buddyfighter is never alone and together with his army of monsters, Tetsuya will be able to easily overwhelm this dragon. Tetsuya wins.

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Medusa vs Tetsuya Kurodake

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Suggested by Sonic Medusa is a pretty tricky opponent since just looking at you can get deadly. In Buddyfight she even has a cool bow and arrow which can deal devastating damage in a single blow. Still, it won’t be enough to stop Tetsuya since he has a bunch of monsters at his disposal. They can stay in front of him so she never gets a good glance and they will easily overpower her weapons. Medusa does not have a path to victory this time. Tetsuya Kurodake wins.

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Rouga Aragami vs Tetsuya Kurodake

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Suggested by Sonic Rouga Aragami is a pretty powerful duelist. He may not have gotten an Omni Lord, but fortunately Tetsuya’s wasn’t very powerful. Asmodai never really did much in omni mode and the rest of Tetsuya’s monsters are fairly weak as well. It’s a staple of magic world to use weak monsters since the focus is on spells and traps while Rouga has the opposite approach. I’d say that they’re about even with monsters when it comes to pure numbers, but Rouga’s are stronger and he can fight a lot better than Tetsuya can. That’s enough to give him the win. Rouga Aragami wins.

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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Yamigitsune

Suggested by Sonic Tetsuya has always been a little weaker than his friends, but he is still a pretty good fighter. He was able to become a great dancer which allows him to dodge attacks with ease. Yamigitsune is hardly the strongest monster out there either so he won’t be able to do much to stop him. Tetsuya can keep on kicking shadow balls to keep Yamigitsune at a distance and his monsters will finish the job. Tetsuya wins.

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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Gao Mikado

Tetsuya Kurodake returns to the blog, but he is a little outmatched here. Gao’s cards are much better than Tetsuya’s and he also has more of them. Gao’s final phase attack is also very useful and it outmatches just about everything that Tetsuya has at his disposal. Gao is the main character of Buddyfight so it does make sense that he essentially outranks everyone. Perhaps Tetsuya will get a big power up…maybe. Gao Mikado wins.

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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Bass

Tetsuya Kurodake was never my favorite Buddyfight character. His “Yo” catchphrase gets old very quickly and Bass is just the cooler fighter. Bass doesn’t pull any punches and this match will be over in an instant. In a way, I feel bad for Tetsuya Kurodake, but at least he lost to the best. You can’t ask for anything more than that! Bass wins.