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Orthrus vs Sofia Sakharov

Suggested by Sonic Orthrus has returned but now he is up against Sofia. Sofia has her own copy of this Hellhound which already makes the match pretty tough for the original. Additionally Sofia has her own army of monsters, some of which are quite formidable. I just don’t think Orthrus will be able to stand up to such a fighter, but I’m sure he will at least get a few hits in. Sofia wins.

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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Sofia Sakharov

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Suggested by Sonic Sofia definitely got a lot of hype during the early Buddyfight days. Unfortunately she never got a lot of fights to help support this as she would typically just teleport away instead of taking her cards out. Meanwhile Tetsuya doesn’t have the greatest deck but he still does have a solid army of monsters at his beck and call. Asmodai is a demon lord even if he doesn’t always look too impressive so that also gives Tetsuya’s deck a boost. Sofia’s disaster force will help her to an extent but the crucial piece to victory will be her Inverse Omni Lord Dragon. There’s no answer to this card. Sofia Sakharov wins.

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Sofia Sakharov vs Bass


As the next update to the Blog records approaches it is time for Bass to start cleaning up the list of fighters who have skated by without a loss so far. Sofia is a formidable duelist and one who is a strategic fighter as well. That being said, Bass doesn’t even need strategies since his raw power will always suffice. A single blow will end the planet and Sofia’s undefeated record along with it. Bass wins.

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Sofia Sakharov vs Shosetsu Kirisame

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Suggested by Sonic Sofia got a lot of hype throughout the Buddyfight series but never got to do much with it. Despite having a much larger presence than Shosetsu they dueled around the same number of times. Shosetsu has his sword and is a very proficient close combat fighter. He will be able to fend off Sophia’s attacks as long as he is careful and deliberate. However, his deck is inferior to Sofia’s in every way. The gap between the two is so vast that his monsters would all be down in a short amount of time and then he would be the next to fall. Sofia Sakharov wins.