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Count Dawn vs Gao Mikado

Suggested by Sonic Count Dawn is one of the Omni Lords, but despite that he was never all that impressive in the power department. He also has a crippling weakness to the light which is unfortunate since many of Gao’s monsters are all about that. Bal is a light dragon and Drum burns brighter than the Sun. Count Dawn wouldn’t last very long in this fight before getting overwhelmed. Gao Mikado wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Kiri is a strong fighter, but he’s definitely not ready to deal with Gao. Even if we ignore the fact that Gao’s army of monsters is incredibly large, he has many heavy hitters up his sleeve. He keeps changing monsters for each season and they all turn out to be some of the strongest in the series. That’s why it will be incredibly difficult for him to even break a sweat. Gao Mikado wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Tasuku

Suggested by Sonic Tasuku is definitely a very skilled Buddyfight player. He is known as a genius after all and even unlocked the Future Force right away. That being said, he has obtained fewer monsters than Gao has and most of them aren’t at a high enough level to contribute in this fight. It would essentially be Jackknife Dragon against around 5-10 of Gao’s immensely strong monsters. I just don’t see the prodigy being able to overcome such odds but I’m sure he will put up an admirable fight all the way to the end. Gao Mikado wins.

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Azi Dahaka vs Gao Mikado

Suggested by Sonic Azi Dahaka is a pretty tough dragon so you definitely don’t want to mess with him. Out of all the Buddyfight monsters who have gone up against the heroes he is certainly the most memorable. Any one of Gao’s monsters would have a tough time one on one and most would end up on the losing side. However Gao has an army of monsters and together they are stronger than any foe. Gao can even help a bit with his shields. Gao Mikado wins.

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Samael Apocalypse vs Gao Mikado

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Suggested by Sonic Samael has returned, but now he is up against the Mighty Sun Fighter. This match plays out pretty much like the last one for this guy as Gao simply has too many monsters to be defeated. In this case you can also make a case for Batzz to be stronger than Samael in his awakened form or Drum in either his Omni Lord mode or his Fire form. Either way, Samael won’t last very long in this fight and will quickly be shut down. Gao Mikado wins.

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Fang Slade Terrestrial XIII vs Gao Mikado

Suggested by Sonic Fang Slade Terrestrial XIII is a strong dragon and definitely one that Gao will have to be careful against. Still, Gao does have Drum Bunker Dragon by his side who ended up surpassing his father by the end. Gao also has the Dragon Force at his disposal which allows him to fly and greatly increases his physical abilities. Fang will be attacked from all sides and simply won’t be able to compete with that much destructive power. Gao Mikado wins.

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Takashi vs Gao Mikado

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Suggested by Sonic Takashi is Gao’s father so you would expect him to know some serious hand to hand skills. Unfortunately, he has never seemed to be very proficient at any form of combat which really hurts his odds here. He won’t be able to compete with Gao’s large army of monsters and even in a hand to hand battle he would likely win. Perhaps he should be proud that his son has surpassed him. Gao Mikado wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Accelerated Ninja Hayate

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Suggested by Sonic Accelerated Ninjas are even stronger than normal ones since they have been amped up. That being said, it is still nothing that Gao can’t handle. Gao has been defeating monsters since day one and he has assembled his own personal army by his point. A single monster can’t do much more than amuse him. The kid can also fight in hand to hand although taking out an opponent like this without monsters may still be too tall of a task. Perhaps one day though and with his Super form maybe he really could do so. Gao Mikado wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Boomerang Dragon

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Suggested by Sonic Boomerang Dragon is a pretty fierce dragon who never gives up. His thick accent also keeps his opponents on edge. That being said, Gao still takes this win with ease. He has Drum Bunker Dragon at the ready along with two other immensely powerful dragons. The Boomerang ability is only good in 1 on 1 combat. The dragon is doomed against multiple opponents. Gao Mikado wins.

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Elf Kabala vs Gao Mikado

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Suggested by Sonic Elf Kabala was a surprisingly powerful member of the cabal from Buddyfight’s early days, but that was against a relatively inexperienced Gao. The current Gao Mikado has many cards that could easily overwhelm Elf’s army. Gao also has some super forms to tap into as well so the gap in power between these two fighters is simply too great. Elf’s only reasonable option here is to surrender and live to fight another day. Gao Mikado wins.