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Tasuku vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Kiri is a pretty powerful duelist who also happens to be a deity. If he had better cards then this could have actually gotten dangerous for the boy wonder. Of course, Tasuku has quite a few tricks up his sleeve as well including many variations of Jack Knife Dragon. He can also fight on his own with the Future Force and even has a magical armor to protect him. On the whole, Tasuku’s monsters are simply better than Kiri and will win a prolonged battle. Tasuku wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Tasuku

Suggested by Sonic Tasuku is definitely a very skilled Buddyfight player. He is known as a genius after all and even unlocked the Future Force right away. That being said, he has obtained fewer monsters than Gao has and most of them aren’t at a high enough level to contribute in this fight. It would essentially be Jackknife Dragon against around 5-10 of Gao’s immensely strong monsters. I just don’t see the prodigy being able to overcome such odds but I’m sure he will put up an admirable fight all the way to the end. Gao Mikado wins.

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Tasuku vs Boomerang Dragon

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Suggested by Sonic Boomerang Dragon is pretty good with landing the one liners and his accent is spot on. That being said I don’t think that will be enough to stop Tasuku. This is one of those match ups where the boy wonder won’t even need any of his monsters. Just a quick Future Force power up and his trusty sword will be all that Tasuku needs here. He doesn’t need anything else to claim victory. Tasuku wins.

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Samael Apocalypse vs Tasuku

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Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a new dragon to step up and show the world what true power is. The official description in his card takes a shot at Uncle Ben’s famous line and only a truly powerful villain could get away with that. While Samael is one of the strongest dragons we’ve seen, it still wouldn’t be able to defeat Tasuku’s entire army. Divided he can maybe defeat them all, but united nothing can stop Tasuku’s array of dragons. Tasuku wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Tasuku

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Suggested by Sonic Tasuku is one of the strongest buddyfighters out there so he is definitely not going to lose to Davide. Davide is stronger than he looks and an actual threat in combat but it doesn’t make up for the fact that Tasuku has better monsters and enhanced abilities. Davide doesn’t really have the advantage in any category and while he will put up a fight, he can’t win. Tasuku wins.

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Tsurugi Takihara vs Tasuku

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Suggested by Sonic Takihara is a nice guy who means well but to say that he is outclassed against Tasuku is putting it lightly. Tasuku has a lot of monsters at his disposal as well as the Future Force. It would be a simple matter for him to blast Takihara away and no robot will stop him. Not even Takihara’s legendary fusion mechs. Tasuku wins.

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Shosetsu Kirisame vs Tasuku

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Suggested by Sonic Shosetsu Kirisame is a pretty skilled swordsman and as you can see in the picture, he was able to overpower Tasuku’s sword. Still, the kid prodigy on the Buddypolice has more than just a sword up his sleeve. He can use the Future Force as well as activate his hidden Dragon mode. Both of these abilities make him way too difficult to handle for Shosetsu. Kirisame has shown over the years that he doesn’t improve all that rapidly and that’s a problem. Tasuku wins.

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Super Armordragon Galvanic Feather Dragon vs Tasuku

Suggested by Sonic Super Armordragon Galvanic Feather Dragon is definitely a pretty long name so you can tell that he must have a lot of power. He is one of the cooler antagonists in Buddyfight even if he only got to appear for a quick episode. Hopefully he will get to return and do something in the future. 1 on 1, I’d probably take him over any of Tasuku’s monsters. That being said, he can’t hope to beat them all since Tasuku has quite a lot of monsters in his deck. The sheer numbers would overwhelm him, not to mention that Tasuku can fight on his own as well. Tasuku wins.

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Rouga Aragami vs Tasuku

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Rouga Aragami and Tasuku are some of the strongest fighters in the Buddyfight series. Both of them know how to fight in the real world and within the game’s rules. That being said, Tasuku is definitely the superior fighter. He’s better at hand to hand combat and he also has stronger monsters at the ready. It’s hard to see Rouga managing to make a comeback against such a fearsome foe. Tasuku will keep Rouga on the defensive until victory is at hand. Tasuku wins.

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Armorknight Cerberus vs Tasuku

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Tasuku is a powerful Buddyfighter and he has rarely been defeated in the past. His shields should be able to fend off Armorknight Cerberus’ attacks long enough for him to take the win. Tasuku’s buddy could potentially force a stalemate anyway. Tasuku’s training has paid off once more as he moves up the ranks. Tasuku wins.