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Davide Yamazaki vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Davide Yamazaki is a very strong antagonist from Buddyfight. He got his own Omni Lord in addition to having two other very powerful darkness dragons at his disposal. Kiri has his Fenrir Wolf and himself to use, but that’s just not going to be enough here. It doesn’t help that one of Davide’s strongest monsters is fire based as well. The deck is stacked against Kiri here and he won’t be able to pull off an upset. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Gremlin (Buddyfight)

Suggested by Sonic Gremlin is a strong buddyfighter so it’s a shame that he was written out of the show so quickly. He really just got one or two full field over the course of the show which certainly isn’t a lot. As a result, he doesn’t have nearly as much firepower as Davide. Davide has one of the false Omni Lords at his disposal. That’s nothing to sneeze at and could potentially beat all of Gremlin’s monsters on his own. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Jackknife Dragon vs Davide Yamazaki

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Suggested by Sonic Looks like Jackknife is going to have to eat another loss for now. Davide has a lot of frightening monsters at his disposal and some of them have some serious power at their disposal. They would be able to crush Jackknife without even needing a lot of backup. Davide controlled one of the pseudo Omni Lords and while it may not be as strong as a real one it is extremely close. Jackkinife Dragon at his best can maybe be considered Omni Lord level, but he won’t be able to beat these odds. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Tasuku

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Suggested by Sonic Tasuku is one of the strongest buddyfighters out there so he is definitely not going to lose to Davide. Davide is stronger than he looks and an actual threat in combat but it doesn’t make up for the fact that Tasuku has better monsters and enhanced abilities. Davide doesn’t really have the advantage in any category and while he will put up a fight, he can’t win. Tasuku wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Drum Bunker Dragon

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Suggested by Sonic Davide Yamazaki is a talented buddyfighter. He has a lot of cards at his disposal and multiple decks. Drum Bunker Dragon is one of the toughest monsters in the whole series and he has had quite a few super forms. The problem is that they rarely get to ever do anything because they tend to only appear for half an episode. Davide has one of the 7 Omni Dragons as his Buddy (Albeit the dark clone version) so that should be enough to give him the slight edge here. I don’t think Drum will be able to withstand the army. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Deathgaze Dragon vs Davide Yamazaki

Suggested by Sonic Deathgaze Dragon has a pretty great name and his design isn’t bad either. That being said, he is a little outmatched against someone like Davide Yamazaki. Davide wasn’t the biggest of threats for a while there, but he gradually became a real force to be reckoned with. Seriously the guy just kept on coming back and made a name for himself. He also owns a Deathgaze Dragon of his own which helps his case quite a bit. It is hard to defeat yourself after all and he has many other monsters to back him up. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Gao Mikado

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Suggested by Sonic Gao Mikado is one of the strongest Buddyfighters on the planet and he isn’t afraid to let everyone know about it either. He calls his deck the strongest in history and it is hard to disagree. He has many ace monsters up his sleeve and more decks than I can count. He could probably beat Davide with one deck so all of the extra ones are overkill. This will end up being a one sided beat down as Gao teaches this guy a lesson. Gao Mikado wins.

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Davide Yamazaki vs Sheila Vanna

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Suggested by Sonic Davide Yamazaki makes his blog debut and he will have to get past Sheila to claim victory. Sheila is dangerous with a sword and isn’t exactly a pushover. That being said, Davide has a lot of monsters at his disposal and their sheer numbers will overwhelm Sheila. Sheila probably couldn’t even take on some of Davide’s stronger monsters one on one. It’s a tough matchup for him but maybe he’ll get himself a solid win at some point. Davide Yamazaki wins.