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Davide Yamazaki vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Davide Yamazaki is a very strong antagonist from Buddyfight. He got his own Omni Lord in addition to having two other very powerful darkness dragons at his disposal. Kiri has his Fenrir Wolf and himself to use, but that’s just not going to be enough here. It doesn’t help that one of Davide’s strongest monsters is fire based as well. The deck is stacked against Kiri here and he won’t be able to pull off an upset. Davide Yamazaki wins.

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Gao Mikado vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Kiri is a strong fighter, but he’s definitely not ready to deal with Gao. Even if we ignore the fact that Gao’s army of monsters is incredibly large, he has many heavy hitters up his sleeve. He keeps changing monsters for each season and they all turn out to be some of the strongest in the series. That’s why it will be incredibly difficult for him to even break a sweat. Gao Mikado wins.

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Tasuku vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Kiri is a pretty powerful duelist who also happens to be a deity. If he had better cards then this could have actually gotten dangerous for the boy wonder. Of course, Tasuku has quite a few tricks up his sleeve as well including many variations of Jack Knife Dragon. He can also fight on his own with the Future Force and even has a magical armor to protect him. On the whole, Tasuku’s monsters are simply better than Kiri and will win a prolonged battle. Tasuku wins.

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Jackknife Dragon vs Kiri

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Suggested by Sonic Jackknife Dragon is a strong monster who is one of the few in the series to get multiple Super forms. His future tech was certainly a very useful boost. However, Kiri became a god in the series and also got some pretty solid cards. However strong Jackknife is, he is still outnumbered here. Having an army I’d always useful and this match shows why. Even then this is a fairly close fight. Kiri wins.

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Jin Magatsu vs Kiri

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Suggested by Sonic Kiri may have a super powerful god mode but it hasn’t always been very useful in the past. It does give him a power boost though so it’ll still come in handy here. While Kiri is lacking in home run hitters, he does have Fenfir and his trusty Steinblade. Jin has some tricky cards of his own but their strength is in stealth over power. Kiri should actually have the edge in raw power for a change which is interesting. He may have also appeared more than Jin at this point so if the card count is close, it just helps Kiri even more. Kiri wins.

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Stein Blade Joker vs Kiri

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Suggested by Sonic Stein Blade Joker is a pretty powerful buddy. He has obtained several forms over the years which makes him a very versatile fighter. He can hold his own in close quarters combat or in a projectile fight. The thing is, all of these positives are rendered moot by the fact that Kiri has his own Stein Blade Joker at the ready. It’ll be very simple for Kiri to have the two fight each other to a stand still and then summon another monster to finish the job. Kiri wins.

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Kiri vs Fenfir (Myth)

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Suggested by Sonic Fenfir, Fenris, or Fenrir. No matter what you call the wolf, you have to admit that he is a very dangerous fighter. That being said, Kiri was able to tame him and he has a lot of other monsters at his disposal as well. Fenfir isn’t fast enough to chase Kiri down and he isn’t strong enough to go up against the entire army either. That puts him in a very sticky situation and it’s safe to say that he is a little outmatched here. Brute strength isn’t enough against a cosmic opponent. Kiri wins.

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Kiri vs Kazane

Suggested by Sonic Kiri has enough ice at his disposal to freeze many foes. He awakened his ultimate abilities and became one of the strongest fighters in the Buddyfight series. Kazane is a skilled duelist but she is just a little outmatched here. Both of them have an army of monsters but Kiri’s just happen to be stronger. Ultimately this is too much of a double advantage to be overcome. Kiri wins.

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Paruko Nanana vs Kiri

Suggested by Sonic Paruko is a good commentator but her fighting skills need a little work. As far as I can recall, she has only dueled once. She actually didn’t do half bad in the match but that’s not enough to beat one of the chosen ones. Kiri has come a long way over the years. He has tapped into a lot of power and at the moment his skills are far too great. He could end things very quickly in his true form. Kiri wins.

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Bass vs Kiri

Kiri may have won his first round a while back, but now he’s dealing with a true enemy in the form of Bass. Bass is virtually indestructible and unstoppable so I can’t say that I have a lot of confidence in Kiri winning this round. Ice abilities won’t be enough to stop someone on Bass’ level and that’s a fact that likely won’t be changing anytime soon. A single Darkness Overload should do the trick here. Bass wins.