Kazane vs Fenfir (Myth)

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Suggested by Sonic Fenfir (Myth) is back once again, but he’s up against another talented Buddyfighter. Kazane’s deck doesn’t have the impact that Kiri’s does as she has no ace monsters up her sleeve. Still, she has a lot of monsters since Kazane got to use two different decks during the series. The sheer numbers should be able to just barely overwhelm Fenfir. It won’t be easy, but it is certainly within Kazane’s ability to stop this beast. Kazane wins.


Frost Giant Hrimthurs vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Frost Giant Hrimthurs makes his debut on the blog. He’s a pretty strong ice warrior and definitely has a great design. That being said, it won’t be enough to stop Kazane’s array of monsters. She has quite a few at her beck and call. It would be a simple matter for them to overwhelm the Frost Giant. No matter how skilled he may be, his physical stats simply aren’t high enough to face an army. Kazane wins.

Kiri vs Kazane

Suggested by Sonic Kiri has enough ice at his disposal to freeze many foes. He awakened his ultimate abilities and became one of the strongest fighters in the Buddyfight series. Kazane is a skilled duelist but she is just a little outmatched here. Both of them have an army of monsters but Kiri’s just happen to be stronger. Ultimately this is too much of a double advantage to be overcome. Kiri wins.

Kuguru Uki vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Kuguru is very knowledgeable about the game of Buddyfight. While she could probably do well if she ever played, she is content to stay on the sidelines. This could give her a satisfactory career, but it doesn’t help much in a fight. Kazane has an array of monsters at her disposal and they will completely overwhelm Kuguru. Her knowledge alone is simply not enough. Kazane wins.

Shosetsu Kirisame vs Kazane

Suggested by Sonic Shosetsu Kirisame is back and now he is up against Kazane. Kazane is a powerful fighter and her buddy isn’t half bad. That being said, she is definitely outranged by Kirisame and it will be hard for her to land any damage. His monsters can easily go toe to toe with hers as well which doesn’t help her case. I believe she is just outmatched in this round. Shosetsu Kirisame wins.

Waweldrache vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Waweldrache is a reasonably powerful monster. It has some good attack points and is versatile as well. Still, one monster can’t do a whole lot to win this round since Kazane has a bunch of them. Overwhelming Waweldrache will be a simple matter for her army. It’s just not feasible for almost any Buddyfight dragon to survive such an onslaught. Kazane wins.

Wind Fairy Silph vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Kazane is really on a roll. She’s up against the Wind Fairy Silph but that won’t shake a tough competitor like Kazane. She has beaten tougher opponents in her day and she did it without breaking a sweat. Silph doesn’t have too many attack options either which certainly won’t help. You need all the power you can get in a fight like this. Kazane wins.

Kemura vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Kemura may have lost the last two matches but who can say whether the trend will continue or not? Kemura is now up against Kazane and she certainly hasn’t had a great amount of duels in the series. Still, she has fought enough times to show off a nice array of cards and they are stronger than Kemura’s. Her sword and shield will take her to victory since her buddy isn’t the most impressive of monsters. Kazane wins.

Bladewing Phoenix vs Kazane

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Suggested by Sonic Bladewing Phoenix may not be the most popular monster mascot in Buddyfight, but he means well. He knows a lot about pretty much everything and has helped Kazane become a stronger fighter. That being said, she would easily be able to defeat him. It will always be tough for the buddy to defeat the duelist. It’s almost impossible to be honest. This will help Kazane bounce back from her earlier loss. Kazane wins.

Kazane vs Gao Mikado

Suggested by Sonic Kazane was one of Gao’s more overlooked rivals. Unlike Tasuku and the others, her plot never really went anywhere. She is clearly a skilled fighter, but she ended up being completely surpassed by the end. She never got any kind of meaningful power up while Gao gets stronger in each season. I don’t think she would be able to put up much of a fight against Gao anymore. Gao just has the better cards and already had the better skills. It’s hard to get past that 1-2 combo. Gao Mikado wins.