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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Asmodai

Suggested by Sonic Asmodai may be a talented monster with quite a few forms up his sleeve but he isn’t quite ready to handle someone like Tetsuya. Tetsuya has an Asmodai of his own along with a bunch of other monsters and spells at the ready. Together with these forces I don’t expect Tetsuya to go down easy or at all really. He has every combat advantage you could possibly ask for. Asmodai would need to work some serious magic to try and win this fight. Tetsuya wins.

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Asmodai vs Medusa

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Suggested by Sonic Medusa has had her share of losses but you would be wise not to underestimate her. That being said Asmodai is a demon with many talents. In the past he has been an instructor as well as an Omni Lord and he heavily outranks Medusa. He is a lot faster than she is and also has greater strength. She won’t be able to get around his array of magical tricks. Asmodai wins.