King Ghidorah vs Medusa

Suggested by Destroyer Medusa can turn people into stone but that’ll be difficult against such a large opponent. Ghidorah is strong enough to break through that. Some incarnations also have a bow and arrow that she can use which can be dangerous but Ghidorah’s lasers will take care of that. Ultimately this is a fight that he can win through sheer power and Medusa is never particularly fast so she will have a tough time here. King Ghidorah wins.

Medusa vs Euryale

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Suggested by Sonic It’s a battle of the myths. Euryale is a strong warrior but one who never really got to show off her abilities. She appears to be reasonably strong though and does have a blade. Medusa can her opponents to Stone with a glance but is rarely immune to the ability so using it is risky here as Medusa can simply reflect it with her shining sword. Medusa’s best tactic is 50-50 at best so I think it stands to reason that Euryale will be too much for her. It’s a close fight that could go either way but the increased range of the blade will give her the edge in the match. Euryale wins.

Terumi Kuchinawa vs Medusa

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Suggested by Sonic Medusa has returned and now she is taking on Terumi. Terumi owns a copy of Medusa so this match is effectively unwinnable. While Medusa can hope to get a tie with her copy, that will take her out of the fight against Terumi’s other monsters as well as her own personal weapons. Terumi may not be one of the strongest Buddyfighters, but she is certainly strong enough. Terumi Kuchinawa wins.

Medusa vs Tetsuya Kurodake

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Suggested by Sonic Medusa is a pretty tricky opponent since just looking at you can get deadly. In Buddyfight she even has a cool bow and arrow which can deal devastating damage in a single blow. Still, it won’t be enough to stop Tetsuya since he has a bunch of monsters at his disposal. They can stay in front of him so she never gets a good glance and they will easily overpower her weapons. Medusa does not have a path to victory this time. Tetsuya Kurodake wins.

Asmodai vs Medusa

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Suggested by Sonic Medusa has had her share of losses but you would be wise not to underestimate her. That being said Asmodai is a demon with many talents. In the past he has been an instructor as well as an Omni Lord and he heavily outranks Medusa. He is a lot faster than she is and also has greater strength. She won’t be able to get around his array of magical tricks. Asmodai wins.

Percy Jackson vs Medusa

Percy Jackson has fought Medusa in the past. He knows how to defeat her. While she has her KO move, he has a sword which is always more useful. One good slash and she’s down for the count. She just doesn’t have the speed too take care of him. Percy Jackson wins this round and rises up the ranks. Percy Jackson wins.