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Tetsuya Kurodake vs Yamigitsune

Suggested by Sonic Tetsuya has always been a little weaker than his friends, but he is still a pretty good fighter. He was able to become a great dancer which allows him to dodge attacks with ease. Yamigitsune is hardly the strongest monster out there either so he won’t be able to do much to stop him. Tetsuya can keep on kicking shadow balls to keep Yamigitsune at a distance and his monsters will finish the job. Tetsuya wins.

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Jin Magatsu vs Yamigitsune

Jin Magatsu is a tricky duelist to defeat and now he’s back for another win. Yamigitsune is a decently tough monster, but it’s certainly not one of the strongest ones out there. Jin shouldn’t have a problem taking the monster down with another Yamigitsune plus a few barriers. Jin always has a trick up his sleeve and that’s all that he will need to win this round. Jin Magatsu wins.