Ghostface (Roman) vs Ruby Rose

This is a tribute to Scream 3. This Ghostface definitely wasn’t the toughest one and he wouldn’t last a second against a huntress. Ruby could defeat him in hand to hand combat real quick or she can just fire off a shot. Either way there just isn’t anything that he could hope to do against her. Ruby is on a completely different level in every area. Roman will quickly become a ghost for real. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby Rose vs Madoka Kaname

Suggested by Destroyer Madoka certainly got some pretty cool cosmic abilities by the end of the show. She is a deity of the highest level but that doesn’t necessarily translate well into combat. Ruby is a fighting legend so it will be difficult for Madoka to outwit her. Ruby’s speed is also on a completely different level. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby (SHIELD) vs Ruby Rose

Ruby was certainly a powerful opponent in Agents of SHIELD. Her disc is quite sharp so a single hit can be fatal for any mortal. Fortunately Ruby has her aura to protect her from such attacks. Rose also has the edge in speed so good luck trying to land any hit on her. Ruby (SHIELD) will be out of options in the blink of an eye and will quickly be sliced and diced by Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby (Marvel) vs Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a powerful Huntsman who has exceptional speed and close quarter weapon skills. She has defeated whole armies of monsters in the past. Meanwhile this other Ruby never learned how to fight and died fairly early on in the comics. She can maybe throw a good punch, but Ruby would have the edge here even without her scythe. There can only be one Ruby! Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby (Tekken) vs Ruby Rose

Ruby is a new Tekken character who made her debut in the mobile title. She is a formidable hand to hand fighter who has clearly been trained well, but she is no match for this hunter. Ruby Rose may not be the best at close quarters combat, but her speed is far greater than that of this Ruby and she also has her Silver Eyes ability which would blast her opponent away. You can’t defeat what you can’t catch. Ruby Rose wins.

Anira vs Ruby Rose

Anira is a tough boss to deal when you fight this White Knight with gameplay mechanics, but Ruby is just a lot faster and stronger. Anira won’t be able to land a single blow and Ruby could defeat this opponent from close quarters or from afar. Whichever she feels like doing at the moment and I can safely say that it is really nice to have options like that. Anira just won’t stand a chance. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby Rose vs Ozai

maxresdefault (10)
Ruby had returned and will prove once and for all that her scythe abilities are not to be underestimated. She can fight at high speeds and even has aura to back her up. Her gun extensions make her a very versatile fighter as well. Ozai’s elemental blasts likely won’t cut through her aura and either way it would simply be hard to land a blow thanks to her speed. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby Rose vs Yang

Considering that all of the members of RWBY are undefeated it’s time for some infighting. As the series goes on it’s any guess as to whether the power levels will shift but for now I’d say that Yang has the edge on Ruby. She is repeatedly shown to be far better at hand to hand combat. Until Ruby can master her semblance, I’d say that Yang’s is superior as well. This doesn’t leave Ruby with many options but being the titular character of the series could help her in the long run. Yang wins.

Bloody Moon Dragon vs Ruby Rose

maxresdefault (10)
The Bloody Moon Dragon is a fearsome opponent with a really cool design. However, Ruby has already taken down many skilled opponents and giant monsters. The Bloody Moon Dragon won’t be fast enough to dodge her attacks and certainly isn’t durable enough to endure them. Ruby’s aura will prevent him from dealing any meaningful damage either so the Bloody Moon Dragon is completely out of options. Ruby Rose wins.

Ruby Rose vs Level 1 Akuma

It’s time for Ruby to take the stage. As a professional monster hunter she has taken down her fair share. While Akuma are generally more impressive than Grimm that won’t be enough to stop her. Ruby’s scythe is also a high impact sniper rifle. She can blast it from afar or end the affair in an instant in close quarters combat. Ruby wins.