Grimm (Red Hood) vs Ruby Rose

Grimm is a strong fighter who hunts all of her prey relentlessly. She has lasted a while and has a good reputation within her universe but she hasn’t displayed any levels of speed that would allow her to deal with Ruby. Ruby’s an exceptional huntress who has only grown stronger in each volume. One good blast from Ruby’s gun could end this but if not, she could keep speedblitzing until she does win. Ruby Rose wins.

Grimm (Red Hood) vs Mike Banning

Grimm is a skilled hunter who has a lot of guns as well as super speed. It would be very difficult for Banning to really try and stop her in a fight. She could easily dodge his bullets at any time and that would leave him fresh out of options. Grimm could overwhelm him in close quarters combat or from afar but either way he is definitely not getting out of range here. Grimm (Red Hood) wins.