Grimm (Red Hood) vs Mike Banning

Grimm is a skilled hunter who has a lot of guns as well as super speed. It would be very difficult for Banning to really try and stop her in a fight. She could easily dodge his bullets at any time and that would leave him fresh out of options. Grimm could overwhelm him in close quarters combat or from afar but either way he is definitely not getting out of range here. Grimm (Red Hood) wins.

Mike Banning vs Nemo

This is a tribute to angel has fallen. Mike Banning may have been on the run a lot here but I would say that he looked great overall. The guy took everything in stride at all times and was always ready to secure the win. Nemo can’t really do a whole lot against Mike here and doesn’t have the years of experience that Banning has. I don’t see Nemo lasting too long here. Mike Banning wins.

Mike Banning vs Corky Withers

This is a tribute to London Has Fallen. Mike Banning really did an excellent job of staying on top of things right from the jump. He’s a solid fighter and with his gun skills I don’t see Corky doing much against him. Corky just isn’t strong enough to take on a true fighter like Mike and would quickly be overwhelmed. Corky isn’t exactly bullet proof either which gets dicey for him. Mike Banning wins.