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Brick vs Miss Martian

Miss Martian has a high degree of super strength and one good hit would take Brick down for the count. Brick is just outclassed in this battle and there isn’t really anything that he can do to stop her. Miss Martian is his superior in just about every way and she won’t even need to use all of her abilities to win this round. Miss Martian wins.

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Miss Martian vs Nova

Miss Martian is back and this is one of her toughest fights yet! Both Nova and Miss Martian have super strength, speed, and flight. This is where things get different. Nova has the power cosmic at his disposal. With it he can take down many fighters. Plus while in Phalanx form he was able to use 100% of the Nova Force. Of course Miss Martian has her intangibility and invisibility, plus her freeze breath and telepathy. This match is close, but in the end- Miss Martian wins.

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Miss Martian vs Spiderman 2099

Miss Martian has super strength and flight. She has even fought big leaguers like Power Girl. Spiderman 2099 is tough, but in the end I don’t think he has what it takes to win this match. Miss Martian is just too strong and too fast. Spiderman 2099 couldn’t keep up with her. He doesn’t have the skills. Miss Martian wins.

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Miss Martian vs Eric The Red

Miss Martian has super strength that has been shown to be quite powerful. Eric The Red may be sort of tough, but in the end he’s not nearly strong enough to take her down. Miss Martian can also fly and shape shift. Eric The Red takes another loss to add to his belt, while Miss Martian rises. Miss Martian wins.

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Bizarro vs Miss Martian

Well it has finally happened. Miss Martian just couldn’t handle the pressure of fighting a strong opponent like Bizarro. Bizarro is just too powerful and can’t be stopped by conventional DC methods. Bizarro is a strong fighter who doesn’t lose easy. Miss Martian gets a loss. Bizarro wins.