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Ryu vs Nova

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Nova is one of the strongest Marvel heroes in existence. I consider him to actually be more powerful than the well known heavy hitters like Thor, Hulk, Apocalypse, Rogue, dare I say Thanos? He has the speed to keep up with his power, which is what truly makes him a deadly force. That being said, I feel like he will have met his match against Ryu. Ryu’s strength and speed will allow him to have an even fight with Nova and both of them have powerful projectiles. It would be a tough fight to the end, but I see Ryu being able to take this round in the end with his demonic abilities. His stamina is nearly limitless! Had Ryu not appeared in Asura’s Wrath, this would be a clear win for Nova, but that game did change things. Ryu wins.

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Gamora vs Nova

Gamora is pretty good at hand to hand combat, but long range combat isn’t her specialty. Nova is one of the stronger cosmic fighters and I’ve always found his abilities to be pretty similar to Hal Jordan’s. That would be a pretty impressive fight to say the least. Gamora won’t be able to close the gap between them and Nova can just take out the planet from the sky. Nova wins.

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Star Lord vs Nova

Star Lord is back, but now he’s up against Nova. This is Richard Rider and he’s known as the most powerful Nova in Marvel history. A single cosmic bolt would be too much for the Guardian and Star Lord would be down for the count. Star Lord is skilled to be sure, but he’s more of a Hank Pym or Reed Richards fighter. He’s not made to take on a casual planet buster like Nova. Nova wins.

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Miss Martian vs Nova

Miss Martian is back and this is one of her toughest fights yet! Both Nova and Miss Martian have super strength, speed, and flight. This is where things get different. Nova has the power cosmic at his disposal. With it he can take down many fighters. Plus while in Phalanx form he was able to use 100% of the Nova Force. Of course Miss Martian has her intangibility and invisibility, plus her freeze breath and telepathy. This match is close, but in the end- Miss Martian wins.

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Tengu Shredder vs Nova

Tengu Shredder is back, but for another loss. Nova has the power to take down guys like Drax. He has even fought with the Silver Surfer. Tengu Shredder may be a strong fighter, but in the end he’s not at Nova’s level. Nova is just too powerful and finally gets himself another win. Tengu Shredder will be back. Nova wins.