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Professor X vs Eric The Red

Professor X is a pretty tough fighter when he wants to be. Eric The Red has his suit which gives him (very) mild super strength. Of course it won’t be enough since Professor X has his Onslaught form. Not to mention his basic hand to hand maneuvers. Professor X rises up the ranks with this win. Professor X wins.

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Spiderman 2099 vs Eric The Red

This fight is close. Eric The Red has energy blasts and super strength, Spiderman 2099 matches him for the strength part, but needs energy blasts. Well no more! Spiderman 2099 got Thor’s hammer and can use it to smash any being into oblivion. Eric The Red loses this match. Spiderman 2099 wins.

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Miss Martian vs Eric The Red

Miss Martian has super strength that has been shown to be quite powerful. Eric The Red may be sort of tough, but in the end he’s not nearly strong enough to take her down. Miss Martian can also fly and shape shift. Eric The Red takes another loss to add to his belt, while Miss Martian rises. Miss Martian wins.