Professor X vs Ego

Suggested by Sonic Ego is a powerful planet that has gone up against Thor and Galactus in the past. His abilities can’t be underestimated but I don’t see him winning this one. As Onslaught Professor X was able to easily defeat both the Hulk and Juggernaut as well as take out a large portion of Marvel’s fighters. Additionally Professor X once gained the powers of the Phoenix. Albeit temporarily and only a fraction of the full Force but he’s certainly been around the block. Ego will have a hard time keeping up. Professor X wins.

Professor X vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

This is a tribute to X-Men Apocalypse. I thought Professor X looked rather terrible the entire time. He certainly does not live up to his title as the strongest telepath out there. I don’t think he would hold sway over Gray as Gray believes in the power of friendship and his bonds with the Fairy Tail group will give him a strong will. He just needs a few good Ice Makes to stop Professor X and the Infinite version should work just fine. Professor X has his Onslaught Form, but I’m afraid that it will only buy him a little time in the long run. The ice will overwhelm and freeze him. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Professor X vs Eric The Red

Professor X is a pretty tough fighter when he wants to be. Eric The Red has his suit which gives him (very) mild super strength. Of course it won’t be enough since Professor X has his Onslaught form. Not to mention his basic hand to hand maneuvers. Professor X rises up the ranks with this win. Professor X wins.

Naruto vs Professor X

Well Professor X is a little out of his league in this fight. If he tries to go into Naruto’s mind he’d get obliterated. If he stands and fights like a man he will probably be obliterated too. Professor X is probably doomed. Naruto gets himself a nice win. Naruto wins.