Chibi vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

Chibi and his dragon forms are all very powerful but they’re not going to be enough to stop Gray. Gray’s ice abilities are far too much for Chibi to handle. While his fire blasts are powerful, Gray has blocked hits from Natsu. That scales him to a level where Chibi can never hope to reach. The difference in power is just too great at this point and Gray won’t be able to keep up. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Gray (Fairy Tail) vs Marik

Suggested by Sonic Marik has a lot of powerful cards at his disposal and even came close to taking down Yugi. Ra would be his trump card in this match but that would be enough against Gray’s ice magic and devil slayer abilities. He can freeze almost all of Marik’s monsters with ease and has enough speed to dodge their counter attacks. Marik just won’t be able to gain any traction against him. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Leon (Cardfight) vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

Suggested by Sonic Leon has a lot of very impressive monsters. It’s not surprising since he is the head of his tribe and commands a lot of respect and prestige. It won’t be enough against a demon slayer like Gray though. Gray has mastered his ice abilities to the very limits of what they are capable of. There really isn’t a whole lot that Leon can hope to do against that. His monsters will all fall before Gray’s power and while some of them have enough offensive power to deal some damage, Gray is too fast to lose. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Eclipso vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

Suggested by iKnowledge Eclipso is a fun DC character from back in the day. I mostly know him from the original comics even though he has certainly appeared since then. His skills are solid, but he won’t be able to stop Gray’s ice. Gray was able to fight on par with Natsu at different points which is incredibly impressive and he is always getting stronger and stronger. He could probably end this match in an instant. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Professor X vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

This is a tribute to X-Men Apocalypse. I thought Professor X looked rather terrible the entire time. He certainly does not live up to his title as the strongest telepath out there. I don’t think he would hold sway over Gray as Gray believes in the power of friendship and his bonds with the Fairy Tail group will give him a strong will. He just needs a few good Ice Makes to stop Professor X and the Infinite version should work just fine. Professor X has his Onslaught Form, but I’m afraid that it will only buy him a little time in the long run. The ice will overwhelm and freeze him. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Gray (Fairy Tail) vs Bass

Gray (Fairy Tail) is back, but now he is up against the incredibly powerful Bass! Bass has an answer to every single attack that Gray can use so this is a lost cause from the start. Bass has his Earthbreaker attack, which can overpower any of Gray’s counters and it shall be critical to his victory. Bass has the speed to pull this win off and his streak continues. Bass wins.

Natsume (Gakuen Alice) vs Gray (Fairy Tail)”>Gray_in_x791
Naysume has a little fire manipulation at his side, but Gray is used to dealing with someone like Natsu, whose abilities are on a different level. Gray should definitely be able to endure Natsume’s attacks without getting too much damage added onto him and then he can focus on sealing his victory through his powerful attacks. Gray could likely win this through hand to hand skills. Gray wins.