Natsume (Gakuen Alice) vs Gray (Fairy Tail)”>Gray_in_x791
Naysume has a little fire manipulation at his side, but Gray is used to dealing with someone like Natsu, whose abilities are on a different level. Gray should definitely be able to endure Natsume’s attacks without getting too much damage added onto him and then he can focus on sealing his victory through his powerful attacks. Gray could likely win this through hand to hand skills. Gray wins.

Natsume (Gakuen Alice) vs Axel

Both of these fighters have fire abilities at their disposal, but Axel has much more combat experience than Natsume. He can throw his disk type of weapon, which helps his long range game while also being adept at close quarters combat. Natsume’s fire mastery isn’t fully ready for combat just yet and he will have some trouble against this fire opponent. Once his abilities have been upgraded a little, this should be more of an even fight. Axel wins.

Natsume (Gakuen Alice) vs Natsu

Looks like it’s a double debut in this match folks! It’s particularly surprising that Natsu hadn’t appeared until now, but better late than never. Both of these fighters use the fire element to their advantage. Natsume does have some mastery over fire and is regarded as a dangerous fighter, but he’s not going to be able to defeat Natsu. Natsu has been in many insanely difficult fights over the last few years and he continues to get stronger and stronger. I would certainly consider him to be around Naruto-Tsuna level in battle strength, which is no small feat. I don’t think that Natsume would be able to keep up with his speed and Natsu’s sheer power will ensure that only a few direct hits are necessary. He claims victory in this battle of flames. Natsu wins.