Raistlin Majere vs Marik

Suggested by iKnowledge Raistlin is a skilled mage and he has a lot of attack spells up his sleeve. That being said, Marik should have a trap card that can address all of them. Marik also has the Winged Dragon Ra at his disposal. A single blast from that monster will easily be enough to destroy Raistlin once and for all. No amount of tricks will be enough to keep him from complete and utter destruction. Marik simply has too many options at his disposal. Marik wins.


Marik vs Roadblock (Energon)

Roadblock (Energon) is a robot of impressive abilities……when you’re not comparing him to other Transformers anyway. Of course Marik has impressive cards that could one shot Roadblock (Energon). Like the Winged Dragon of Ra Phoenix Mode. Poor Roadblock (Energon) couldn’t dodge it in time. Marik wins.

Marik vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy can turn into many different kinds of animals. Of course none of them are quite tough enough to take down Marik. Marik has The Millenium Rod and with it he would render Beast Boy powerless. Marik gets another win. Marik wins.

Marik vs Mandarin

Mandarin has always tried to be a worthy adversary, but in the end he just wasn’t nearly tough enough to take on Marik. This is Marik we’re talking about and he doesn’t go down without a fight. Marik is one of the true Yugioh Villains. Marik wins.

Bakura vs Marik

Bakura is the strongest Yugioh villain. He makes all the other villains look bad. Marik is known as one of the strongest Yugioh villains but he doesn’t have a millenium ring. Bakura also has Zorc and Zorc seems to be tough in Millenium World. Bakura should have fought Kaiba. That would really have made Yugioh super cool. Bakura wins.